Master of Arts in Health and Risk Communication

The Health and Risk Communication M.A. program is designed to educate students in both the theory and practice of health communication. Specifically, students learn to design, write, implement and evaluate evidence-based health communication materials to prevent and address health problems in our society.

Whether students have an interest in health and risk communication research or practice, the HRC M.A. program has something to offer with a thesis track or an examination track. With 8 to 15 elective credits included in the course requirements depending on the track chosen, students are able to shape the program to fit their interests. Past students have come from diverse educational backgrounds including communication, health and nutrition, kinesiology, psychology, epidemiology and nursing. Such a diverse and interdisciplinary program allows for students to gain a well-rounded perspective on the overall role of health and risk communication across a number of fields.

Students complete core courses in the following areas: Mass Communication and Public Health, Health Communication for Diverse Populations, Research Methods, Health and Science Writing, Media Relations, Introduction to Descriptive and Analytical Epidemiology and a practicum in the field of health communication. Students also choose health-related electives from several departments on campus and complete a thesis or comprehensive exam as the final requirement of this 33 credit program.

Those who graduate from the HRC M.A. program enter a wide variety of careers and have a strong placement rate, including positions at the World Health Organization, UNICEF, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, nonprofits and state and local governments. If interested, our students have had great success in applying to Ph.D. programs across the United States.


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Questions? Additional information about the Masters in Health and Risk Communication Program may be obtained from:

Bree Holtz
Director of the Health and Risk Communication Masters

Marge Barkman
Academic Programs Coordinator
404 Wilson Rd., 472 ComArtSci
East Lansing, MI 48824-1212

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