Bachelor of Arts in Creative Advertising

Do you want to be an art director or copywriter? The undergraduate Creative Advertising program will prepare you to make your dream a reality as you learn the skills needed to work as a professional in the field of advertising and its related industries.

Promotional communication businesses, like advertising, demand a variety of skilled employees, including those who develop the messaging strategy, study the intended audience for the message, decide the best channel of communication to reach that audience and those who actually compose the look, the wording and, if appropriate, the sounds of the message. The Advertising Creative program is focused on that last group, those who actually create the advertisement.

Why Creative Advertising?

In this program, you will receive a broad liberal arts background, as well as a strong overview of the advertising process, providing an understanding of the strategy, research and other functions necessary to create effective advertising. In addition, greater depth of training is dedicated to helping you develop advertising art direction and copywriting skills.

Over the course of the program, you will develop a portfolio of your work to help in seeking employment upon graduation. These skills will enable you to find work not only in advertising, but also in the fields of direct marketing, sales promotion, public relations, web design, electronic commerce and more.

Gain Hands-On Experience

Internships and other cooperative educational opportunities are encouraged in the program and there are many co-curricular activities, including multiple student clubs and national student competitions, to choose from. Study abroad programs provide valuable experience that reaches outside of the classroom, further advancing your employment opportunities upon graduation.