Journalism Internships for Credit

We believe that an internship experience is an important part of bridging classroom work to post-college work. Thus, our students are required to take JRN 493, which is Journalism Professional Field Experience. Students are required to take at least 1 credit, but may take a maximum of 6.

Please work with your advisor on deciding how many credits to take.

Acceptable internships are those involving writing, editing, photo, design, social media and other forms of communication. Internships where supervisors are students (Red Cedar Log, State News, more) are not acceptable. More information: JRN 493 Requirements for internship for credit

Kim Margolis is in charge of the J-School internship program and invites recruiters to campus so students can get a chance to interview with them.

Students also can set up their own internships. To that end they can use the list Kim Margolis compiles of internship opportunities: Find an internship

Once a student gets an internship, the following steps must be taken:

  1. Fill out this form: JRN 493 Internship Application Form
  2. Have your supervisor email with the following 3 pieces of information your internship duties, the hours you will work weekly and when the internship starts and ends

For more information, please contact: Kim Margolis, Journalism Internship Coordinator, School of Journalism, Michigan State University,