A journalism graduate student photographing environmental research that is being conducted by four students as they stand in the Red Cedar River on campus.


Our graduate programs are designed to give students flexibility in achieving their academic and career goals. Whether you are a professional looking to deepen your skills or transition to a career in journalism or have an interest in communication research and seek foundational development and experience in methodology and theory our M.A. and interdisciplinary Ph.D. programs offer a variety of options to help you realize your goals.

Program Overview

The M.A. in Journalism graduate program is geared toward professional and academic career interests - many students have different backgrounds and different reasons for pursuing a master's degree. Our program requires students to create an in-depth project to show to prospective employers, attain an internship to open doors to a new job or develop a thesis to gain experience in research and theory in a topic that inspires them.

Graduate Certificate in Journalism



In this 9-credit program, students learn about innovative media technology and understand the influence and effects of media in society. These skills and knowledge are basic to a professional or student in any career.

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