Master of Arts in Journalism

Students looking at photographs of post-Apartheid South Africa made by the late Leonard Freed, an important 20th century photojournalist. The photographs are housed in MSU Special Collections.

We attract people aspiring to high-impact careers in our rapidly changing media world. A keen sense of urgency about civic life and technology propels them; academic and journalistic principles guide them. Our graduates will not just make a difference in the world, they will be the difference.

In these times, journalism is more essential, intense and challenging than ever. The people who lead it must be passionate, courageous and exceptional, not just in the practice of journalism but in elevating it.

Our faculty includes nationally recognized researchers, Emmy and Pulitzer Prize winners. MSU’s unique team of academics and professionalism helps people elevate their careers with the analytical tools that will help them leverage these changes and become continuous innovators. When academics and professionals collaborate, new ideas are born.

We offer top-tier training in visual and written storytelling and environmental and science journalism. The world is our lab with the capital of one of the nation’s political swing states nearby and a perennial Big Ten sports powerhouse on campus.

Degree Details

We tailor programs to students with diverse interests and skillsets. They include:

  • Journalism professionals climbing to the next level.
  • Experts in other areas who want journalism and communication careers or who wish to use those skills.
  • Accomplished journalism undergraduate degree holders who now want to specialize.
  • Scholars who want careers in academic research with an aim toward a Ph.D.
  • Current MSU students interested in pursuing a Master’s as they finish their Bachelor’s, regardless of major, through the dual/linked degree program.

We train our master's students to engage today’s diverse audiences. Students master the reporting, writing, visual, digital and critical thinking skills they need to be nimble and versatile in a dynamic news ecosystem. MSU students are recognized for their research and creative projects at international communication conferences, festivals and national competitions such as the Society of Professional Journalists, the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences, Broadcast Education Association’s Media Arts Festival and more.

Linked or Dual - Master's Degree in Journalism

If you're an undergraduate student pursuing a Bachelor's Degree at Michigan State University you may apply for the Linked or Dual Master's in Journalism program. You can complete two degrees in a shorter amount of time while also saving money on tuition and other associated costs. Classes transferred from the undergraduate program to the MA program may begin the semester that the student is accepted into the program.

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Contact the Program

Questions? Additional information about the Master of Arts program in Journalism may be obtained from:

Nicole Bond
Academic Program Coordinator

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