Media Sandbox

We are an active learning community within the College of Communication Arts and Sciences. We take students from different majors and disciplines, mix them together and put them into real-world situations that test the abilities and skills they learn in the classroom. Join us to gain experience, grow personally and professionally, network and have a blast.

Sandbox Summer Courses

This summer, ComArtSci creative courses are open to all students …

  • No prerequisites, no barriers
  • Just open, online classes. 

Students can: 

  • Design websites for their research, portfolios or startup businesses
  • Create videos to showcase their work
  • Explain data through infographics and illustrations
  • Feature creative thinking and problem-solving skills on their resumes

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Meet the Sandbox Team

From guiding students to contribute their best work, to mentoring them through their academic journey, taking them on field experience trips and more, there are many people who help make Sandbox magic happen. We appreciate their time, energy and talent.

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Donate to the Media Sandbox

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