Journalism Grammar Readiness Review

Prerequisite to access JRN 200

All students, except Honors College students, must register for and complete the JRN grammar review prior to submitting a course request form. Successful completion of WRA 101/Tier I Writing Requirement is also a prerequisite for JRN 200. Although Honors College students don’t need to complete the Journalism Grammar Review, they will need to request access to JRN 200 at

To register for the Grammar Review, follow these steps:

Active / Matriculated MSU Students

  1. Visit
  2. Enter your MSU email to register.
  3. Select Check Out.
  4. Under Guest Access, select Continue as Guest.
  5. Enter in your information and select Continue Checkout.
  6. Click on the Submit Payment button to “purchase”.
  7. Log on to your D2L at
  8. Navigate to the JRN Grammar Review course.
  9. Read the instructions and successfully complete all six section of the review.
  10. After completion of the JRN Grammar Review, please submit your course request for JRN 200 at Please note that it may take up to ten business days for your request to be processed.