We have collected some of our most asked questions and grouped them here, in hopes to make the information more accessible to all of our applicants. Please consult the information below, and if you still have questions, feel free to contact us!


  • How many students are admitted?
    • There are 32 students admitted each year into the Master's program here at MSU Communicative Sciences and Disorders. Approximately 275 applications are received every year.
  • What is the average grade point average (GPA) required for admission to the program?
    • The average cumulative undergraduate GPA scores for students admitted is approximately 3.7. Cumulative GPA ranges from 3.2 to 4.0. Students with cumulative GPA's lower than 3.0 are considered for admission if their record includes other markers that might predict strong academic preparation and high probability of success in the graduate program. These include, for example, trending semester performance greater than 3.0, excellent letters of recommendation, prior work experience, or other significant credentials. Please note that the Michigan State University Registrar's office website clearly states that "Admission to regular status in the Masters of Arts program is contingent upon a bachelor's degree from an approved university or college, and an academic grade-point average of 3.00 or better in the last two years of undergraduate study."
  • Where do I send my official transcripts?
    • The directions for this is under Step 3 of "Apply Today." They should be sent to the Department of Communication Sciences & Disorders, 1026 Red Cedar Rd. East Lansing, MI 48824.
  • Can I send transcripts electronically?
    • Paper copies sent by standard mail always work best.  If barriers preclude this, you are allowed to send official transcripts electronically. They can be sent through the National Student Clearing House. Send the transcript to Leslie Fernandez-Lopez, ferna232@msu.edu. It can also be sent to the Office of Admissions of MSU, but you should call them first at (517) 355 8332. Be prepared that downloading these documents is often problematic and may require follow-up by the applicant to request resending. If you are ordering your transcript to be sent near the deadline of January 15, we recommend a copy or the receipt of the order be sent to ferna232@msu.edu. 
  • How do I fill out the Prerequisite Review Form?
    • Note: There are two prerequisite forms - one for MSU students and one for non-MSU students. The forms look very similar but are indeed different. The links under step 2 lead you to the proper prerequisite form. 
    • The forms are provided as fillable PDFs (found under Step 2 of Graduate Application Process). You can simply download them, add your content, save, and upload to the application system.
    • If you struggle with the above method, convert it to a Word document and fill out the form using Word. When complete, convert the document back into a PDF and upload it to your student application. 
  • Can I complete the prerequisites while I am in the program?
    • No, you cannot. You need to have the prerequisites completed before you start the Master's program in the fall. You can apply to the program and still be taking prerequisites and be accepted into the program the following fall, as long as prerequisite coursework will be completed prior to matriculating.
    • If you are pursuing prerequisite coursework after having been awarded a degree, you can enroll in a post-bacc program at a university or college that offers the courses, or MSU's Lifelong Education Program to complete the prerequisites. 
    • You should also check ASHA's requirements for the ASHA SLP certification. 
  • Can I defer my acceptance in order to finish prerequisites?
    • Yes, you can defer your acceptance, but you most likely will not be accepted (or even admitted) without all of the prerequisites completed due to the competitive nature of the program. Deferments are intended for 'emergencies.' If you are curious if an undergraduate program/course will satisfy our prerequisites, then you can fill out the prerequisites form and send it in for review by the department before applying. 
  • How do clinical placements fall across the program?
    • The typical schedule that students follow is below. The last two placements are to be determined with your interests and past experiences.
      • Fall 1: No Placement
      • Spring 1: Part-Time School Internship
      • Summer 1: Full-Time Medical Internship
      • Fall 2: Part-Time Internship
      • Spring 2: Full-Time Internship


  • Are there any scholarships available?
    • Scholarships are available for students pursuing a thesis. More information can be found on the CSD website, within the Master's Program page, titled Scholarships.
    • For those not pursuing a thesis, there are scholarships available through ASHA and MSHA, and from a quick search online.


  • Do we accept the IELTS score for English proficiency?
    • No, we do not. We require the TOEFLs to be summited to the following:
      • University Code: 1465
      • Department: 83
      • Office of Admissions, 250 Administration Building, Michigan State University, East Lansing, MI 48824


  • What are the required minimum TOEFL scores?
    • For the computer version of the test, the average score must be 237 or higher, with no subscores below 21. For the internet-based test, the average scores must be greater than 93, with no scores below 21.
    • Scores must be submitted to Michigan State University using the following code: University Code: 1465


Still have questions? Please reach out to us at comdis@msu.edu.