Bachelor of Arts in Information Science

This major takes a human-centered approach to understanding information technologies. It includes training in designing technologies from a human-centered perspective, organizing and managing groups of people through technologies, understanding how modern technologies are shaping society, and governing the role that these technologies play in our world. The information science major integrates understanding of technology (engineering) with the understanding of people (social science) around information and communication technologies to produce interdisciplinary professionals.

The major in Information Science prepares graduates for careers as an information professional. Graduates will be able to design and create new interactive technologies, manage organizations that use information technologies, and create policies that govern the use of technologies in organizations and society, all while understanding and addressing the relationship between technology and society.

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Educational Objectives of Information Science

  • Understanding Media and Information
  • Digital Footprints: Privacy and Online Behavior
  • Information and Communication Technologies and Development
  • Creating Human-Centered Technology

Requirements to Complete the Bachelor of Arts in Information Science Program

  • The requirements of the College of Communication Arts and Sciences for the Bachelor of Arts degree.
  • The University’s Tier II writing requirement
  • Core courses (9 credits)
  • Methods courses (6 credits)
  • Six focus area courses (18 credits)
    • At least four must be from the same focus area and at least one must be from a different focus area.
  • Media and Information electives

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