ComArtSci Endowments - An Investment in the Future

“It is not through individual strength but through collective power that we accomplish greatness.” -Prabu David, Dean

Thanks to the philanthropic support of over 200 endowed donors to the College of Communication Arts and Sciences, we can continue to advance and provide our students and faculty with the tools necessary to keep raising the quality of each program. We are truly grateful for the support and generosity of our alumni and friends whose gifts contribute to our high quality of education, research, and service. Although all gifts are meaningful, endowments are particularly advantageous as they offer dependable, perpetual sources of funding. The donor who makes an endowment gift has truly invested in the long-term well-being and success of the college.

Consider Your Legacy

Imagine making a contribution that leaves a legacy to the College of Communication Arts and Sciences for generations to come. When you establish an endowment, you are assuring your gift will have a lasting impact.

Creating an endowment in ComArtSci is an excellent way for you to tangibly impact the quality of education we offer with a dependable, long-term source of funding. 

The investment made in the College of Communication Arts and Sciences with the creation of an endowment helps make a lasting difference in the lives of our students, faculty and staff by enhancing their education, research, daily work, future creations and discoveries, and academic excellence.  

Endowments are an excellent way to acknowledge the outstanding education you received, honor someone special or permanently memorialize a loved one. Once you have created an endowment, your gift becomes part of the college’s heritage and tradition. In fact, loved ones also may choose to support your fund because they know how special it is to you. Your family and the College of Communication Arts and Sciences have the opportunity to enjoy a long relationship built around something you value.

An endowment is a gift made on the condition that the principal is continually preserved and only a percentage of the interest is spent annually. Given their permanence, endowments assure excellence by making certain that quality teaching, research and service can be conducted forever. 

Every dollar given to an endowed fund at MSU is invested in the Common Investment Fund (CIF). The CIF is handled with a strategy that seeks to maximize profit while minimizing risk.  

Endowment dollars enable the college to support excellent students, teachers and programs by providing a consistent and permanent source of income. This steady stream of funding guarantees that the college can recruit and retain the best and brightest students and faculty, provide access to the best education possible, and grow and nurture priority areas of research and scholarship.

One advantage of creating an endowment is the freedom to choose how your investment will support the college. Endowments may support such endeavors as endowed chairs and professorships, student scholarships, internships, study abroad initiatives, programmatic interests, equipment needs, and excellence funds that enable the college to direct support to areas of greatest promise or need. 


Scholarships & Fellowships – As federal and state support declines, the college must look increasingly to endowed scholarships to help meet the financial needs of students and their families.  

Experiential Opportunities: Internships, Field Experience and Study Abroad Opportunities - To create  exceptional learning experiences for students and requires resources to ease the financial burden and allow more students to participate. Students who participate in experiential learning have an improved global perspective, due to traveling, working and learning in real-world situations.  


Research and Teaching Excellence Endowments designed to help promising young faculty in their professional development are critical to nurture talent. Such support allows new researchers to explore a preliminary or early idea.  

Excellence & Innovation Funds -  Discretionary support is pivotal because it provides the greatest flexibility for the future. It assures that as priorities and technology change, flexibility remains. The overriding goal of these funds is progress, innovation and excellence. 

Endowed Chairs and Professorships  - Endowed faculty positions help us attract and retain top faculty. High caliber professors, in turn, attract top students. In addition to attracting the best and brightest, endowed chairs and professorships enable the college to build leadership in its key areas of strength and promise.  

Creating an endowment is fairly simple and guided by our ComArtSci development officers.  

An endowed fund may be created with a gift or pledge. This gift may be made in cash, payable over five years, through a future gift (bequest, annuity, etc.) from your estate or through a combination of the two. 

Our development officers will work with you to establish guidelines for your endowment to assure your wishes and the needs of the college are simultaneously met. These guidelines can be personalized to recognize the unique intent of your gift, as well as create the opportunity to name the endowment after you, in honor of your family, or in memory of someone special, even an influential faculty member. 

With your gift or pledge to create an endowment, you may be eligible to become a member of one of MSU’s donor societies, which acknowledge outstanding lifetime support of $100,000 or more to MSU.  

Endowments by Department

The College of Communication Arts and Sciences is proud to recognize the following endowed donors and their contribution to our success.

Investments in our Students

Richard and Susan Liblong Endowed Scholarship in Communication Arts and Sciences: Rick (BA ’70 Television and Radio) and Sue Liblong established this scholarship for upper classmen so students who are academically qualified, but lack the funds, can know the lifelong special meaning of an education from MSU.

Robert C. & Catherine H. McClure Scholarship Fund: Roberta Sue McClure Sawyer (B ’52 Psychology and Speech) established a scholarship in the names of her parents to give opportunity to talented and motivated students to pursue their education. Roberta intended to encourage academically talented students to come to MSU, assured they will receive a superior education, as their energy helps all students reach fullest potential.

The Matt McConnell Scholarship in Sports Media: Matt McConnell (BA ’85 Telecommunication) and his wife, Jennifer, believe it important to give back to those who may not always be afforded a clear path towards success and achievement. Matt, who was a National Hockey League television broadcaster, was fortunate to have parents who could afford his college tuition. Jennifer wasn’t quite as fortunate, burdened with the pressures of student debt. Their scholarship aims to help sports journalism students to achieve their academic goals with as few distractions as possible.

Sheldon and Neva Ackerman Moyer Endowed Scholarship: Sheldon Moyer (B ’43 Economics) played a key role in taking The State News from a three-day-a-week to a five-day-a-week publishing schedule with wire service coverage. When he left to serve in World War II, Neva Ackerman (B ’44 Journalism) took over as managing editor of the campus paper and, after graduating, she worked for the Associated Press. She was inducted into The State News Alumni Association Hall of Fame in 2008. Sheldon had an extensive editorial and advertising career, becoming president of Leo Burnett Co. of Michigan and its predecessor firm, D.P. Brother & Co. This scholarship recognizes the importance of their education at MSU.

George A. and Dorothy H. Murray Scholarship in Communication Arts and Sciences: This scholarship honors the parents of advertising graduate Craig Murray (BA ’76 Advertising) who both attended Detroit Public Schools during the Depression. In appreciation of their commitment and sacrifice in financing their son’s MSU career, this endowment provides deserving Detroit students with a means to realize a college education in the field of communication.

Donald and Annette Neal Scholarship: Alumna Diane Neal (BS ’79 Retailing) hopes the scholarships generated by this endowment will allow others with big aspirations, yet limited resources, to secure an MSU education.

Diane Neal Student Excellence: Alumna Diane Neal (BS ’79 Retailing) established this award to provide financial support to students in the College of Communication Arts and Sciences. Her goal is to provide financial assistance necessary to prepare tomorrow’s global communicators with rich learning opportunities through internships and study abroad programs.

Nehls-Frumkin Family Internship Scholarship: Mary Nehls-Frumkin (BA ’75 Advertising, MA ’78 Communication) and her husband, Jeff Frumkin (BA ’72 Social Science, MA ’74 Education, PHD ’83 Education) created their scholarship to support internships for students graduating from Detroit high schools.

Marshall D. and Lee. K. Newell Endowed Scholarship in Communication Arts and Sciences: It is Marshall (B ’66 Television and Radio) and Lee Newell’s wish that this scholarship benefit students who might not be able to attend MSU without financial assistance. The Newell’s also hope that recipients of this award be “honor-bound” and give back to MSU and the College of Communication Arts and Sciences later in life, at whatever financial level they feel appropriate, so other students may follow in their footsteps.

Joe Patrick Communication Arts and Sciences Internship Award: Joe Patrick (BA ’91 Telecommunications) is a graduate of MSU who enjoyed his time at the university and, in addition to classroom work, recognizes the value of real work experience through internships. This internship award supports students who need aid while working in an unpaid or nominally paid internship and is intended for those with internships beyond the East Lansing area.

Robert and Dorothy Pearson Endowed Internship Scholarship: Bob (B ’66 Television and Radio) and Dotti Pearson both have a strong attachment to MSU and believe in giving back. Scholarship recipients must be upperclassmen or graduate students and must participate in a qualified internship, either for credit or to help them further their degree experiences.

Jeffrey C. Rachor College of Communication Arts & Sciences Sales Internship Endowed Scholarship: Jeffrey C. Rachor (BA ’83 Communication) is a 30-year veteran of the automotive business, recognized as an industry leader. His career began at MSU under sponsorship by General Motors through its college cooperative program. This endowment was created to support CAS students who are also minoring in Sales Leadership, ideally while pursuing a career in the automotive industry.

David Ralph Scholarship in Communication Arts and Sciences: Alumnus Kraig Kitchin established this endowment in honor of David Ralph. For 20 years, Professor Ralph was a teacher and administrator in the undergraduate program in the College of Communication Arts and Sciences. He also authored a widely used public speaking textbook.

Roy C. and H. Kristene Rautio Endowment Scholarship for the College of Communication Arts and Sciences: Roy (B ’67 Advertising) and Kristene Rautio strongly believe in the value of a good education from a major university. It is with this in mind that they established an endowed scholarship fund to help support students from Michigan who are enrolled in the College of Communication Arts and Sciences. They feel there is no finer legacy than helping to enhance the opportunities for higher education for those who are qualified and will benefit from this gift.

Roy C. and H. Kristene Rautio Spartan Scholarship Challenge: Roy (B ’67 Advertising) and Kriss Rautio value the education they received at MSU, where they met in 1966. Roy spent his career in advertising and publishing. Kriss worked in banking in senior management. They created this endowment to support a quality education for deserving students from Michigan.

Dusty Rhodes Scholarship: Born and raised in Flint, Michigan, ComArtSci alumnus Dusty Rhodes (B ’50 Speech and Theater) achieved a successful career in radio broadcasting and later went on to work in newspaper publishing and international TV news. In appreciation of the GI Bill, this scholarship created by the Rhodes family is awarded Michigan high school graduates, with preference given to those from Flint who wish to pursue a career in radio, newspaper or TV news.

Michael and Julianne Riha Internship Scholarship: MSU alums Michael (BA ’72 Journalism) and Julianne Riha know firsthand how an internship can open the door to a purposeful career. Both have mentored interns and intend this scholarship to benefit journalism majors participating in qualified internships, either for credit or to help them further their degree experiences.

The Michael B. Salwen and Okhee Lee-Salwen Endowed Scholarship in the College of Communication Arts and Sciences: Michael B. Salwen (PHD ’85 Mass Media) and Okhee Lee-Salwen (PHD ’89 Educational Psychology) completed their doctoral degrees at MSU and were married on campus in 1989. This scholarship was established to honor Michael, who died from cancer in 2007. The scholarship is intended for students who need financial support, as Michael and Okhee were poor when they were doctoral students at MSU.

Schultz Family Scholarship: Lorna Schultz (BA ‘76 Advertising) and Gary Schultz (BA ‘75 Personnel Administration, MBA ‘79) created the Schultz Family Scholarship to help students in the College of Communications. Both Lorna and Gary found the knowledge, skills and relationships they developed at Michigan State helped them in their careers and want to provide current students those same opportunities and help reduce their financial commitment. It is intended to help motivated, in-state Communications and Public Relations majors to achieve their goals.

Smitter-Wright Internship Scholarship: Anne Smitter (BA ’83 Communication) knows the value of experiential learning as she had three different internships during her education at MSU. She was encouraged by the Dean of the College to seek employment in Colorado, far from her hometown of Grand Rapids, Michigan, where new technologies were being used. This endowment provides internship support to students from Michigan.

The Stone and Chapman Family Endowed Fund: Laurence B. Stone (BA ’64 Television and Radio, MA ’68 Curriculum) and Linda Chapman Stone (BA ’65 Speech and Theater) established this scholarship in gratitude to MSU for providing them with an excellent education, lifetime friends and the chance to meet each other.

Vija Udenans Inspiration ComArtSci Career Services Endowment: Upon graduation from MSU, Vija Udenans (BA ‘74 Television and Radio) pursued a career at NBS News and continued her career in Washington, D.C., as the producer for the ABC White House unit, traveling the world with President Bill Clinton and President George W. Bush. This scholarship is for students who participate in a qualified internship, either for credit or to help them further their degree experiences, with preference for students whose internships are in metro Washington, D.C.

John G. Walsh Scholarship: By establishing the John G. Walsh Scholarship fund, Walsh’s family and his wide circle of friends are honoring the MSU alum’s leadership in the journalism and communication field. Walsh (BA ’75 Television and Radio) was a respected leader in the news industry.

Scott S. Weiss Family Endowment: Scott Weiss (BA ’81 Advertising) leveraged his experience at The State News to get a position at a prominent PR agency in Atlanta. Two years later, Scott was recruited by Turner Broadcasting Systems to be a vice president of the northeast region in its cable sales division. After 10 years Scott left his position at Turner to work for the founder of Speakeasy, and eventually bought the company. Scott encourages students to focus on their communication effectiveness, as his company helps businesses do. His endowment helps students achieve their goals in education supplemented by internships.

Bradley H. and Joan R. Wire Endowed Scholarship Fund: Bradley (B ’67 Advertising) and Joan Wire (BS ’68 Child Development & Teaching, MA ’75 Classroom Teaching) established this scholarship to provide financial assistance to qualified students from Barry, Allegan, Kent or Kalamazoo counties. The Wires share a strong belief in education and the opportunities available from attending MSU.

Investments in our Faculty and Programs

Merri Jo Bales Fund for Strategic Communication: Merri Jo Bales (BA ’77 Communication) had a successful career as a communication professional, strategist and leader. After spearheading Michigan’s Sesquicentennial celebration, she embarked on a 27-year career with Consumers Energy, transforming its strategy. Her husband, Randy Sahajdack (BA ’78 Hotel & Restaurant Management), was a successful restaurant executive and culinary instructor. Recognizing power in the combination of strategy and communication, Randy and Merri Jo support the online Strategic Communication Master of Arts program. They hope students can extract substantial benefit from this program to use their networks, knowledge and experiences to improve their companies, families, organizations or communities.

Ellis N. Brandt Chair in Public Relations: This endowment supports a professorship in the College of Communication Arts and Sciences in the field of public relations in honor and recognition of Ellis “Ned” Brandt’s (BA ’43 Journalism) career as a pioneer in the field of public relations.

Ned Brandt Faculty Excellence Fund: Ellis “Ned” Brandt (BA ’43 Journalism) grew up in the Detroit area and was drawn to journalism early on covering athletic events for the Plymouth High School newspaper. At MSU he wrote for the campus radio stations and was editor of The Michigan State News. Ned started his career with the U.S. Army, worked for a few years in France, and served four years as press attaché for the U.S. Embassy in Paris to promote the Marshall Plan. He joined the public relations staff of The Dow Chemical Co. in 1953, becoming director of public relations in 1965, director of business communications in 1970 and senior counselor of public affairs in 1978. He became company historian in 1983 before retiring in 1986. He established the Post Street Archives to preserve historical documents and he documented Dow Chemical history through an oral history program. Ned died in 2018 at the age of 95. Through his estate he left a gift to the College of Communication Arts and Sciences to continue his legacy through a series of endowed professorships in all facets of communication.

Bunting Enrichment Fund: Clark (BA ’77 Advertising & MA ’84 Communication) and Karen (BA ’78 Accounting) Bunting have used their degrees well. Clark is a co-founder of Discovery Channel's Shark Week. The Bunting Enrichment Fund reciprocates the donors’ strong ties to MSU and fond memories of their formative years together in college. The funds from their endowment are used for college purposes at the discretion of the dean.

Richard C. Bush and Patty Mcguigan Endowment: Growing up in East Lansing and graduating from MSU, Richard Bush (BS ’70 Packaging) has maintained his love of the beauty of the campus. It is his and his wife’s desire to integrate art, plants and physical structures into communal spaces for students to gather. This endowment ensures that the technological and physical environment needs are maintained and improved in areas of the College of Communication Arts and Sciences Building.

College of Communication Arts and Sciences Alumni Board Endowment: The College of Communication Arts and Sciences Alumni Board believes that building a loyal network of CAS alumni is a pivotal goal. To increase alumni commitment to the college, this endowment will fund the recognition of outstanding faculty within the college, provide programmatic support for alumni engagement and scholarship, and give fellowship support for students within the college.

CAS Dean’s Strategic Initiatives Fund: This fund is built with gifts from numerous donors and alumni to support programs, research, fellowships, scholarships, technology and other current or future initiatives in the College of Communication Arts and Sciences.

Coyote Logistics Student Enrichment Fund in the Sales Specialization Program: Jeff and Marianne Silver (Honorary Alumni of 2012) created this fund to support the Sales Specialization Program in the College of Communication Arts and Sciences.

Edward Deeb Technology Endowment: This endowment honors Ed Deeb’s (B ’60 Advertising) work as co-founder and first president of the Communication Arts and Sciences Alumni Association. It is used at the discretion of the Dean of the College to refurbish and update technology in the lobby and the Deeb Conference Room, Room 191, of the Communication Arts and Sciences Building.

Farm Bureau Insurance of Michigan Student Enrichment Fund in the Sales Communication Program: This fund provides support for the Sales Communication Program in the College of Communication Arts and Sciences. It provides resources for student enrichment opportunities, qualified research and programmatic needs.

Dr. Kathy Foltner Endowed Chair: Dr. Kathy Foltner (MA ‘76 Audiology and Speech Sciences) served both the hearing impaired and the audiology community for over 40 years. She authored nearly 100 professional articles, and was a frequent presenter at local, state and national meetings. Dr. Foltner was among the first to start, manage, grow and sell one of the top audiology private practices in the country. Later she worked as an executive for several large hearing care companies. She was awarded a scholarship while attending MSU, which allowed her to begin her career debt free. She created this endowment to support MSU’s ability to attract and educate the best students to focus on academics and to enter their chosen fields with minimal debt.

Dorsey and Karl Gude Fund for Creativity and Collaboration: Dorsey and Karl came to Michigan State University from New York City in 2006. Karl previously spent 25 years at United Press International, Associated Press and as the Director of Information Graphics at Newsweek Magazine MSU recruited Karl to bring his experience at visual storytelling to journalism students. Dorsey became Director of Development and Communications for the East Lansing Educational Foundation, a position she held for seven years before joining the MSU team as a Regional Planned Giving Advisor in 2014. Dorsey and Karl understand that unrestricted funds are of most need and wish to support real world experiences for students that encourage collaborative and creative ways of telling stories or solving problems.

Media Arts Collaboration Fund: Alumni Sara (B ’62 English) and David (PHD ’63 Chemistry – Teaching) Taft attended the Traverse City Film Festival, witnessing the benefits of experiential learning and student opportunities through the Theater-2-Film collaborative project with the Media Sandbox, the Department of Theater in the College of Arts and Letters, and the College of Music. They would like the fund they established to stimulate similar projects, led by the Media Sandbox, involving collaboration with other colleges and units on campus.

Craig Murray Creative Endowment: Craig Murray (BA ’76 Advertising) established this fund at his alma mater to provoke, inspire and encourage creativity. The endowment supports refurbishing and updating the “creative incubator” and other creative spaces in the college.

Charles J. Strosacker Graduate Research Fund for Health and Risk Communication: This fund supports graduate research in health and risk communication. Graduate students will have the opportunity to engage in hands-on research, apply theoretical constructs to real-world health practice and share the results and impacts from their projects with community partners.

Edward Zabrusky Endowed Lecture: This lecture was created by Ed Zabrusky’s sisters, Dorothy and Betty, in memory of his 40 years as the MSU News Bureau Chief. The fund produces an annual lecture in the area of media or public relations in the College of Communication Arts and Sciences.

Investments in our Students

Richard E. Augenstein Public Relations Scholarship:This scholarship honors Richard Augenstein (B ’56 Journalism). It recognizes students with academic merit and an interest in pursuing a career in public relations.

Bruce and Sue Augenstein Advertising Scholarship: This award is named in honor of Bruce Augenstein (B ’57 Journalism and Advertising) and Sue Kintingh Augenstein (B ’53 Business). Both have maintained close ties with their alma mater, serving and supporting Michigan State University. It encourages students to take advantage of the opportunities the Department of Advertising + Public Relations offers.

The Sumner J. and Irene G. Bagby Endowed Scholarship Agreement for Retailing: Irene Goodell Bagby (BS ’69 Retail of Textiles & Clothing, MA ’76 Business) and John Sumner appreciated MSU and want to provide opportunities for other young people to enjoy the “Spartan” experience. This scholarship is granted to students who are and remain in good academic standing.

E. Ross Gamble Memorial Scholarship: This scholarship assists Advertising + Public Relations students in pursuing their educations.

Linda K. Good Excellence in Retailing Scholarship: Linda Good received her B.S. degree from Kansas State University, and her M.S. and Ph.D. degrees from Oklahoma State University. She taught retailing at MSU for 27 years, was Director of Graduate Studies overseeing student interns, and was a mentor and career advisor to students. She was inspired to hear about the sacrifices and heartaches students often incur to achieve their educational goals. Her scholarship is intended to relieve some students’ financial stress.

William J. Hopp Endowed Scholarship in Advertising: Tony Hopp (B ’67 Advertising, MA ’68 Advertising) created this scholarship in honor of his father, who encouraged his pursuit of a career in advertising. Without his father’s counsel, guidance, and passion for advertising, Tony would not have achieved his dreams. It is his hope that this scholarship helps others move down the path of success in advertising by providing a senior studying integrated media campaigns with full tuition for his or her final year.

George Katsarelas Endowed Memorial Scholarship: Leo Burnett Detroit created this endowment in memory of George Katsarelas (BA ’82 Advertising), who developed his passion for smart ads and big ideas during his time at MSU. The endowment continues Katsarelas’ passion supporting Advertising students in achieving academic and professional goals.

Janet Loria Endowed Graduate Student Scholarship: This scholarship is established in memory of Janet Loria, secretary to the Chairperson of the Department of Human Environment and Design. Jan was a “model of grace and commitment.” It is intended to meet graduate students’ many needs on their way toward a degree.

Mid-Michigan Creative Alliance Scholarship: Established by the Lansing Advertising Club, the Mid-Michigan Creative Alliance Scholarship benefits worthy and capable students enrolled in the Department of Advertising + Public Relations. Recipients are chosen for financial need, academic achievement and promise as an advertising professional.

Bruce W. Miller Endowed Scholarship for Advertising Agency Management: Having spent the greater part of his career in communications in the advertising agency sector, Bruce Miller (BA ’70 Advertising) established this endowment for students seeking a career in advertising agency management.

J. Christopher Preuss Scholarship: Christopher Preuss (BA ’88 Journalism), a recipient of the Outstanding Alumni Award, created this scholarship to celebrate his successful career in public relations. The fund helps develop the professional goals of students enrolled in the Department of Advertising + Public Relations.

Schalon Scholars Fund: This endowment honors the lesson William C. Gast taught his daughter, Marcella Gast Schalon (B ’46 Social Work, M ’47 Social Work) to “pay it forward”. It assists Advertising students with tuition and internships in the hope they will “pay it forward” as well.

Susan Brink Sherratt and Richard Sherratt Scholarship: Susan (BA ’80 Advertising) and Rich Sherratt funded this scholarship to alleviate some of the financial stress for deserving students. Susan is a third-generation Spartan, grateful for the education she received and the friendships she made at MSU.

Stan Stein Scholarship: The Stan Stein (BA ’75 Journalism, MA ’80 Advertising) Scholarship was created in recognition of his distinguished career in public relations. Stein is known as one of the region’s leaders in integrated communication management. The scholarship advances public relations students in their professional goals.

Investments in our Faculty and Programs

John and Martha Aldinger Advertising Guest Lecturer Fund: John Aldinger (B ’34 General Business Administration) created this fund to promote career exploration. It supports an endowed guest lecturer program for the Department of Advertising + Public Relations.

Kensinger and Alice Guseman Jones Endowed Visiting Advertising Professional Program: This program enriches the Department of Advertising + Public Relations’ academic offerings to students through extended contact with advertising and public relations professionals in formal classroom settings, informal meetings and casual gatherings.

Lambert Professorship in Integrated Public Relations: Jeffrey Lambert (BA ’93 Advertising) is president and managing partner of the public relations, investor relations and public affairs firm Lambert & Co. He created it in his basement in 1998 and has built it into a top-5 Midwest based agency with offices in Michigan and New York, and more than 100 clients in 20 states and six countries. Before starting his company, Jeff served in senior communications roles in both agency and corporate settings. He has managed communications on national product launches, media campaigns and brand launches, as well as on a variety of crisis assignments. Jeff also directs investor relations activities in all the major U.S. financial centers and advises senior management on corporate finance, governance and investor engagement strategy. Jeff intends this professorship in Integrated Public Relations to promote the field of investor relations and the integration of marketing and public relations.

Gordon and Christa Miracle Fund for International Advertising: Gordon Miracle, a long-time faculty member in the Department of Advertising + Public Relations, created this fund upon his retirement to support international research by faculty and students through the establishment of an endowed chair in international advertising.

Carlos and Joan Rifon Family Endowment for Research in Ethical Marketing and Advertising Practice: Established by Professor Nora Rifon, Ph.D., this endowment supports research by doctoral students or faculty in any area of marketing communications that is focused on ethics, vulnerable populations, public policy, responsible practice, social marketing or other areas, with the purpose of the betterment of society.

Investments in our Students

Charles W. Barr II Endowed Scholarship in the Department of Communication: This scholarship honors the work of Charles W. Barr II (B ’56 Speech and Theater, M ’65 Education Administration) as a teacher in speech, debate, theatre, communication, radio and television production. Recipients are communication majors with a preference for public speaking and/or persuasion.

The David and Mary Buller Endowed Graduate Fellowship: David (PhD ’84 Communication) and Mary Buller (BA ’83 Communication) met while students at MSU. They credit the College with launching their marital and professional lives. As lifelong educators and researchers, they have taken to heart the words of Nelson Mandela who said, “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.” Their scholarship to support graduate students in ComArts is intended to help educate new communicators, advance communication sciences, stimulate dialogue, and promote peace throughout the world.

Future Fellows Fund: The highest honors awarded by the International Communication Association and by the National Communication Association are the naming of Fellows and Distinguished Scholars, respectively. The Department of Communication has established the Future Fellows Fund to ensure that the future of communication science worldwide and at MSU remains bright. This endowed fund will be used to support graduate students in communication by underwriting graduate student stipends.

Gerald R. Miller Communication Enrichment Fund: This fund created by students, friends and family honors University Distinguished Professor Gerald R. Miller and supports graduate assistantships and fellowships.

The Malcolm R. Parks Communication Endowment: An anonymous donor created this graduate endowment to honor the exceptional contribution to the field of Communication of Dr. Malcolm R. Parks (MA ’75 Communication, PHD ’77 Communication). Funds are for graduate education, including the selection of graduate fellowship recipients.

Sales Alumni Endowed Scholarship: The Department of Communication in the College of Communication Arts and Sciences, in partnership with the Department of Marketing in the Eli Broad College of Business, created the Sales Leadership Minor in 2015. Alumnus Brad Gakenheimer (BA ’11 Communication) initiated this fund, with help from program alumni, to benefit sales students.

Investments in our Faculty and Programs

Charles K. Atkin Conference Room: In recognition of Dr. Charles Atkin’s (B ’67 Communication) commitment to the study of communication and his leadership in the Department of Communication, the college honors his legacy by naming the department conference room used by faculty, staff and students as the “Charles A. Atkin Conference Room.” Funds are used to support the enhancement of the room.

Erwin P. Bettinghaus Endowed Lecture in Health Communication: The family, friends and colleagues of Dr. Erwin P. Bettinghaus (Faculty) established this fund to support the visits of renowned communication scholars and practitioners to the Department of Communication at MSU. The endowment provides MSU faculty, students, alumni and friends a broader perspective and new insights to be gained from the interaction with outstanding scholars involved in communication education research and practice.

C.H. Robinson Student Enrichment Fund in the Sales Leadership Program: Created by one of the first corporate partners for the Sales Leadership program, this fund supports the Sales Communication Program in the Department of Communication.

Investments in our Students

Leo V. Deal International Enrichment Fund: Close to Leo Deal’s (PHD ’65 Speech and Theater, Faculty) heart are international professional exchanges that provide students and faculty a chance to share their knowledge with others as well as receive new ideas from colleagues around the world. The fund he established supports overseas activity and international exchanges that further professional understanding of people with communicative disorders.

Daun Dickie Endowed Scholarship in Audiology and Speech Pathology: This scholarship named for Daun Dickie (BA ’69 Audiology and Speech Sciences, MA ’70 Audiology and Speech Sciences, PHD ’79 Special Education) seeks to continue research and studies to further the growth of high-quality programs for all students. Recipients must be from the state of Michigan or from Fulton County, Georgia.

Marcia L. Wendt Guess Endowment in Communicative Sciences & Disorders: Marcia (B ’62 Speech and Theater) grew up in the Greater New York area and was encouraged by her father to attend MSU. She worked in the field of speech and speech pathology and wants to help defray costs for enrolled students with an interest in the field.

Valerie V. Wenner Endowed Scholarship Fund: This fund honors Robert Wenner’s (B ’58 Accounting, MBA ’76 Finance) late wife and David Wenner’s (BA ’85 Criminal Justice) mother. The family intends this scholarship for undergraduate students or master’s degree candidates who have financial need.

Investments in our Faculty and Programs

Richard W. and Nancy J. Heiss Enrichment Endowment for the Department of Communicative Sciences and Disorders: Richard (B ’52 Accounting & JD ’63 Law) and Nancy Heiss want their endowment to provide financial resources for MSU scholars aiming to improve the quality of life for individuals with hearing impairments. Funds support hearing research, equipment, supplies and services.

Herbert J. and E. Jane Oyer Annual Lecture on Communication Disorders and Human Development: Dr. Herbert J. Oyer began teaching at MSU in 1960 as Director of the Speech and Hearing Clinic. He went on to become the Department Chair and also served as Dean of the College and also the MSU Graduate School. Dr. E. Jane Oyer (PHD ’69 Home Management) served as a professor and a pioneer in the study of lifespan development. Together they set out to improve the speech and hearing program. This award funds an annual lecture, which includes the areas of speech, language and hearing across the human lifespan.

Ida J. Stockman Endowment for Faculty Research and Development in Communication Disorders in Memory of Samuel and Angie Jones: Ida J. Stockman served the College of Communication Arts and Sciences in the Department of Communicative Sciences and Disorders as a professor for 24 years. Dr. Stockman’s endowment honors her parents, who also were educators. Its aim is to support faculty research and professional development in the areas of autism and diversity.

Investments in our Students

John D. Gruner Internship Award: John Gruner (BA ’74 Journalism) was a copyeditor at The State News. He landed one of 45 copyediting internships nationwide through the Dow Jones Newspaper Fund, spending the summer of 1974 at the Detroit Free Press, an experience that launched his professional career. John devoted 36 years to The Plain Dealer in Cleveland as a copyeditor, assistant lifestyle editor and assistant travel editor. John’s endowment is intended to help those who otherwise might not have the same career-launching opportunity that he did.

The Healy Journalism Scholarship Endowment: Tom (BA ’77 Accounting) and Karen (BA ’76 Journalism) Healy wish to provide scholarship support for Journalism majors with financial need.

Wanda J. Herndon Endowed Scholarship in Journalism: Wanda Herndon (BA ’74 Journalism, MA ’79 Journalism) was named one of Michigan State University’s Distinguished Alumni in 2002 and has been a member of the MSU School of Journalism Professional Advisory Council. It is her desire, in establishing this scholarship, to enable other people of color and of financial need to pursue a career in journalism.

Walter S. and Syrena M. Howell Endowed Fund in Journalism: This fund is used to conduct an annual essay contest in propaganda analysis among all undergraduates of Michigan State University.

Kyle C. Kerbawy Graduate Student Research Award: This award recognizes Kyle’s (B ’67 Journalism, MBA ’69 Marketing) father, W. Nicholas “Nick” Kerbawy, who In 1954, founded the Michigan Sports Hall of Fame and was himself inducted into the Hall of Fame in 1985. The award supports graduate students who have demonstrated the capacity to achieve educational and professional goals.

Marie E. Kingdon Memorial Scholarship in Journalism: Marie Kingdon (MA ’76 Journalism) set aside her thesis for ten years to start a family and work part-time as an Assistant Instructor at MSU. In 1974, with the help of an encouraging faculty member, Marie petitioned the School of Journalism to reinstate her credits from her Master’s studies. Extremely grateful for the opportunity, Marie enrolled in her first class in the winter of 1975. Dr. Mary Gardner encouraged Marie to work hard and continue. Marie’s hope is that future returning journalism students will also “stick it out.”

John H. Krieg Memorial Scholarship in Newspaper Journalism: John H. Krieg’s (BA ’82 Journalism) scholarship benefits students pursuing their degrees while also actively engaging in extracurricular activities.

Larry Lee Study Abroad Endowed Scholarship: Larry Lee (BA ’70 Journalism), having traveled widely, values the importance of a world view in addressing problems. Extensive travel throughout his life underscored the great opportunities to enhance learning by extended exposure to people in other countries. This scholarship is intended to make opportunities available to journalism students participating in study abroad programs.

Marion Tuttle Marzolf Scholarship in Journalism: Marion Tuttle Marzolf (BA ’52 Journalism) was professor emerita at the University of Michigan, and taught courses in reporting, journalism history and women in journalism from 1967 until her retirement in 1995.Her career took many turns and paths from freelance to copyboy, Girl Friday, and ultimately teaching.She is happy to support MSU’s journalism undergraduate scholarship program.

W. Cameron Meyers Scholarship: The W. Cameron Meyers Scholarship Fund was established through the gifts of Professor Meyers’ former students and relatives. This was the first fund to provide scholarships for students in journalism.

Larry P. Miller Endowed Journalism Scholarship Fund: This scholarship supports worthy students, particularly those from diverse ethnic and cultural backgrounds. Larry Miller (B ’60 Journalism) began his career as a reporter for the Jackson Citizen Patriot in Michigan and later served as a bureau chief for the Miami Herald in Florida. He also worked in the public relations field, including various positions with the Automobile Manufacturers Association, Young and Rubicam, and Bechtel Group Inc.

Mary Elizabeth Mangner Neil Journalism Scholarship for Overseas Study: This scholarship was established by Craig J. Gehring (BA ’73 Journalism) to honor his grandmother, Mary Elizabeth Mangner Neil, whose encouragement and support made it possible for him to broaden his MSU education with a six-month overseas study experience in Yugoslavia. This award supports junior or senior journalism students to study oversees.

Robert Popa Journalism Scholarship: The Robert Popa (B ’53 Journalism) Journalism Scholarship created by Phyllis Popa in memory of her husband, Robert, encourages students who have demonstrated the capacity and motivation to achieve educational and professional goals, and the initiative to seek opportunities to further their progress. Recipients are upperclassmen or graduate students selected on the basis of professional goals in journalism and financial need.

Gordon A. Sabine Endowed Journalism Scholarship: In honor of the first Dean of MSU’s College of Communication Arts and Sciences, Dr. Gordon Sabine, this scholarship encourages recipients to continue the work he enjoyed.

Serwach Leadership Award in Journalism: This award honors the work MSU alumni Joseph J. Serwach (BA ’87 Journalism) and Michele Glance Serwach (BA ’87 Journalism) accomplished in their journalism careers and the importance of their experiences at The State News and the Red Cedar Log. It recognizes undergraduate journalism majors who have demonstrated superior leadership, and reporting/writing ability for campus or professional media.

Susan L. Silk Journalism Study Abroad Scholarship: As a professional with a distinguished career in journalism and public relations, Susan Silk (B ’67 English) created this scholarship to support the vast educational opportunities provided by studying overseas.

Lawrence H. and Linda L. Sims Scholarship in Journalism: Larry (BA ’71 Economics) and Linda Sims (BA ’76 Journalism) maintain a four-generation Spartan legacy, beginning when Linda’s grandfather graduated from Veterinary Medicine. Their son, Alexander, graduated from the College of Engineering and the Honors College in 2014. Their scholarship supports MSU students from their home community of Saginaw, Michigan, where Larry and Linda Sims are leaders in business and community service.

Stan Soffin Endowed Journalism Scholarship Fund: Stan Soffin (MA ’68 Journalism, PHD ’75 English) earned his master’s degree from the School of Journalism in 1968 and ultimately served 16 years as Director of MSU’s School of Journalism. This award is for students who have demonstrated capacity and motivation to achieve educational and professional goals, and the initiative to seek opportunities to further their progress.

Victor G. and Eleanor F. Spaniolo Endowed Scholarship in Journalism: This scholarship was established by the Spaniolo family in memory of their father, Victor G. Spaniolo (B ’39 Journalism) who, along with his four children, all graduated from MSU and worked at The State News, its student newspaper. The award benefits students with State News experience, scholastic achievement, exceptional character and financial need.

The Stone and Chapman Family Endowed Fund: Laurence B. Stone (BA ’64 Television and Radio, MA ’68 Curriculum) and Linda Chapman Stone (BA ’65 Speech and Theater) established this scholarship in gratitude to MSU for providing them with an excellent education, lifetime friends and the chance to meet each other.

Jim Wiljanen Environmental Journalism Scholarship: Eric Bauman (BA ’72; MA ’76 Geography) created this scholarship in honor of his dear friend Jim Wiljanen (BA ’68 Television and Radio). Wiljanen went on to become one of the first environmental reporters at WKAR TV in East Lansing. Eric wishes to honor Wiljanen’s memory and assist financially needy students with the same interest in environmental reporting.

Investments in our Faculty and Programs

Business News Journalism Opportunity Fund: James (B ’67 Journalism) and Roberta (B ’67 Social Work) Henderson created their endowment in appreciation for the opportunities MSU gave them. As president of Business News Publishing, Jim understands the need to be responsive to ever-changing needs and opportunities. This fund is used to support current priorities and respond to future opportunities in the School of Journalism, including equipment, data, student internships, graduate fellowships, visiting journalists and international study.

William Randolph Hearst Endowment for Visiting Professionals in the School of Journalism: This fund supports visits by industry professionals to the School of Journalism to share their stories, experience and expertise.

Helen Kirkpatrick Visiting Journalists and Writers Award: This award honors the career of Helen Kirkpatrick (B ’57 Journalism) as a newspaper reporter and later immigration reform lobbyist. The funds finance the presence of distinguished journalists and writers in the School of Journalism’s news writing, magazine writing, opinion writing and other writing courses.

Knight Center Challenge Endowed Fund: This fund supports the enhancement of the environmental journalism program and classes at the undergraduate and graduate levels. Support includes, but is not limited to, financial aid, development of student-produced environmental publications, research in environmental journalism, and more.

Knight Center for Environmental Journalism Endowment: This is an unrestricted enrichment fund that provides support and resources for the Knight Center through scholarships, technology upgrades, visiting faculty and professionals, and expenses associated with workshops and conferences.

Knight Foundation Endowed Chair in Environmental Journalism: The Knight Foundation has established endowed chairs in journalism at top universities nationwide. That allows leading journalists to take positions as tenured professors within academia. They practice journalism, teach innovative classes, and create experimental projects and new programs that help lead journalism in the digital age.

Melvin and Bertha Lostutter Journalism Technology Fund: This fund honors Melvin Lostutter’s work of 12 years, starting in 1946, teaching courses in reporting and press law as an Assistant Professor in the School of Journalism. It supports technology improvements through equipment, hardware, software and peripherals for the labs.

Michigan State University Journalism Enrichment Fund: The School of Journalism always requires funds to conduct seminars, secure professional speakers, travel to conferences, publish student projects, establish honors programs, acquire advanced technical equipment, purchase specialized materials, subscribe to professional publications, support faculty improvement, etc. This fund provides long-range funding for enrichment of the school’s program.

Cheryl Pell/Michigan Interscholastic Press Association Scholastic Journalism Scholarship for Teachers: This endowment is funded from a gift of the Michigan Interscholastic Press Association (MIPA) to honor the dedication of Cheryl Pell (MA ’81 English – Secondary School Teaching), a long-time director of MIPA. The scholarship is available to middle, junior and high school teachers with five or fewer years of journalism advising who wish to take journalism classes at the university towards certification or a degree in journalism.

Second Century J-School Fund: Created in 2010 to celebrate 100 years of journalism at MSU, this fund supports programming and scholarship by providing opportunities for students, faculty and alumni to explore and pursue bold and innovative ideas to shape the future of journalism.

School of Journalism Student Endowment Fund: The goal of this fund is to enrich the School of Journalism through seminars, professional speakers and travel to conferences, while also publishing student projects, establishing honors programs, acquiring advanced technical equipment, purchasing specialized materials, subscribing to professional publications, and supporting faculty improvement.

Neal Shine Endowed Fund for Ethics in Journalism: The family, friends and colleagues of former Detroit Free Press publisher Neal Shine, whose career spanned 45 years at the paper, established an endowed fund to support activities that reflect his commitment to high professional standards and to serving readers and communities. The fund helps support the nationally recognized Victims and the Media Program, research regarding ethical standards, workshops and seminars for professionals, and more.

The Stafford Family Newsroom Fund: The Stafford family has a long-standing relationship with the School of Journalism in MSU’s College of Communication Arts and Sciences. Their contribution provides state-of-the-art equipment to the School of Journalism to allow students to learn sophisticated news writing, editing and design.

Investments in our Students

Thomas F. Baldwin Endowed Fellowship: This endowed fellowship for graduate students in the Department of Media and Information is established by former colleagues, students and friends of Tom Baldwin (PHD ’66 Communication) in celebration of more than 40 years of teaching, research and service to MSU and the college.

Andre A. Blay Film Scholarship: Lorelei Maison Rockwell (BA ‘62 Business Administration) and her husband, Wayne T. Kennedy established this scholarship in memory of cousin Andre A. Blay (BA ’59 Production & MBA ’70 Business Administration) to support a student pursuing a career in film in Hollywood. Andre, known as “The Father of Home Video,” founded in 1969 the Magnetic Video Corporation, which duplicated video cassettes. In 1977 the company licensed major motion picture titles for the consumer market. Blay founded Embassy Home Entertainment in 1982. His many awards include Video Hall of Fame, Consumer Electronics Hall of Fame and MSU Business Alumni of Year.

Michael A. Chaprnka Endowed Scholarship Award: In memory of Michael A. Chaprnka, this scholarship is intended to encourage students who have the capacity to achieve educational and professional goals and the initiative to seek opportunities to further their progress.

Cucci Endowed Scholarship: Brenda J. Cucci (BA ’88 Telecommunication, MA ’95 Telecommunication) was recognized with an Outstanding Alumni Award in 1999 for her continued involvement and support of the college. Brenda financially supported herself through college and wants to offer help to students like her.

Larry A. Estlack Endowed Scholarship for Broadcast Engineering: Established through a bequest from Larry Estlack (BA ’72 Television and Radio) with gifts from many friends and family, this scholarship recognizes the lasting impact that Estlack had by teaching hundreds of students, in telecommunication courses, how to edit, produce commercials, conduct interviews, and overall be a great broadcaster. It was created to help students seeking careers in broadcast engineering.

John (Jake) and Maxine Ferris Global Agribusiness Award Endowment: Maxine (PHD ’62 Speech and Theater) and John (Jake) (PHD ’60 Agriculture Econ) Ferris are MSU alumni and both Professors Emeriti of the College of Agriculture and Natural Resources. Through this endowment they are supporting undergraduate and graduate student awards for overseas study programs, field trips, international internships and international agri-business competitions for undergraduates.

Maxine and Jake Ferris Global Award in Technologies and Applications: Maxine (PHD ’62 Speech and Theater) and John (Jake) (PHD ’60 Agriculture Econ) Ferris are MSU alumni and both Professors Emeriti of the College of Agriculture and Natural Resources. This endowment supports student participation in the ICT Global Corps or other overseas field work in technologies and applications in the Department of Media and Information.

Ira and Jennie Greene Endowed Scholarship: With the desire to say “thank you” to MSU and to acknowledge its ability to perpetually affect the lives of its alumni and their families, the donors of this scholarship wish to help future students in need.

Gene F. Jankowski Scholarship in Telecommunication: The Gene F. Jankowski (MA ’69 Television and Radio) Scholarship Fund honors Gene’s successful career in the telecommunication industry. The scholarship is awarded to African-American students or graduates of Detroit public high schools with an excellent academic record and demonstrated leadership ability through extracurricular involvement.

Robert J. & Joanne P. Kobel and Susan Meurer Expendable Scholarship: This scholarship recognizes the influence of the College of Communication Arts and Sciences on Robert J. Kobel’s (B ’61 Television and Radio) post-college life and work. The award also honors his wife, Joanne, and sister, Susan, for their support and encouragement. Recipients are students considering a career in electronic media, including broadcasting, cable or telecommunication.

Kevin R. Markwardt Award: This scholarship honors the memory of Kevin Markwardt (BA ’77 Telecommunication), who was killed in a car accident after attending an MSU basketball tournament. It is intended to encourage students who have the demonstrated capacity and motivation to achieve educational and professional goals, and the initiative to seek opportunities to further their progress.

Gary Reid Professional Development Fund: This fund supports students who have specific aspirations to succeed in the professional audio, radio, television or film industries. It pays tribute to the career of Gary Reid (BA ’75 Television and Radio, MA ’77 Telecommunication). Preference is given to applicants with internships in the Los Angeles area although, in the absence of such a candidate, these funds may be used to support internship work anywhere in the United States outside of Michigan.

Reynolds Endowed Scholarship Fund: Steve Reynolds (BA ’74 Television and Radio) created this endowment to help ease the burden on students working their way through school as he had to. It is Reynolds’ hope that this gift goes to hard-working students in academic good standing with the will and drive to improve communication of all people through current and new media.

Robert P. Sadowski Scholarship in Broadcasting: Bob Sadowski (BA ’68 Television and Radio) spent his career as a Professor of Communication and Broadcasting at the University of Scranton and Marywood University. This scholarship provides support for students pursuing careers in broadcasting or cable television.

Robert W. Schlater Graduate Scholarship: Robert W. Schlater (PHD ’66 Communication) arrived at MSU with the reputation of a state-of-the-art producer of educational television. He joined the Department of Telecommunication faculty in 1964, serving as Department Chair from 1970 to 1980. This scholarship is for graduate students studying in the areas of television production and related media arts. Preference is given to students who also are graduate teaching assistants in these areas.

John K. Williamson Telecommunication Scholarship: MSU has been an important influence on alumnus John Williamson’s (BA ’74 Television and Radio, MA ’87 Educational Systems Development) life through education, work and the friendships he has developed. Wanting to reciprocate that impact, this endowment supports students studying media production.

Investments in our Faculty and Programs

AT&T Endowed Chair in Telecommunication Information Studies and Media: This endowment encourages MSU to become a “virtual campus” to disseminate knowledge more effectively and understand more clearly what potential users/learners want and need, thus reducing the uncertainty between the supply and demand of new technology driven telecommunication services. It funds the AT&T Chair in Telecommunication and Information Technology and advances research, teaching and outreach related to the uses of telecommunication technologies in society.

Mary and John Blyth Enrichment Fund in Telecommunication: John Blyth (B ’38 and M ’40 Chemical Engineering) created this fund in memory of his wife, Mary (B ’37 Mathematics), and fond memories of their time spent at MSU. He feels the telecommunication industry has been the prime mover in the advancement of social and business life here and globally. Through this endowment, he hopes to enable many future full-time graduate students in the Department of Media and Information to become leaders in the industry.

Thomas A. Muth Sr. Endowed Fund in Telecommunication, Information Studies and Media: Tom Muth was a longstanding professor in the college who inspired undergraduate and graduate students alike. This fund was established by family, former students, colleagues and friends to celebrate his more than 30 years of service to MSU. Funds are used for student scholarships, technology and equipment upgrades that benefit students, to support Associated Students for Career Orientation in Telecommunication activities, and for emerging needs that have a direct, positive impact on the student experience.

James H. and Mary B. Quello Center for Telecommunication Management and Law: Many donors have created the James H. (B’35 Arts & Letters) and Mary B. Quello Center for Telecommunication Management and Law, which has become a hub for world-class teaching, research and outreach in global telecommunication. The endowment provides support for the Quello Center for sponsoring lectures; providing expertise for government, business and the nonprofit community; and attracting experts from around the world.

Telecommunication Technology Fund: Scott Westerman’s (BA ’78 Telecommunication) 30-year media career began newscasting at WPAG in Ann Arbor. While earning his degree at MSU he worked at WMSN, WILS and WVIC as an announcer, engineer and account executive. Scott created this fund to support internships for College of Communication Arts and Sciences students with internship at WKAR on campus.

For more information on how to create your own endowment, contact ComArtSci Senior Director of Development, Meredith Jagutis at or 517-432-5672.