Bachelor of Arts in Public Relations

Thanks largely to the entrenchment of social media, the public relations industry has experienced a 10-year period of substantial growth in new positions. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics projects that the number of PR specialist positions in 2026 will be 282,000. A large percentage of these new jobs are being created to manage social media. Public Relations specialists must be armed with the theory and practical skills needed to strategically manage social media as an integral part of PR programs.

The Public Relations Major will provide students with a comprehensive and current set of skills that will prepare them to compete successfully for internships and jobs – as well as forward-looking competencies to prepare them for jobs that have not even been created yet.

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Educational Objectives of Public Relations

  • Theory, Ethics and Legal Environment
  • Strategic Planning, Creative and Critical Thinking, and Problem Solving
  • Diversity and Inclusion, Cultural Perspective, Global Perspective, Social Issues
  • Experiential Learning and Business Acumen

Requirements to Complete the Bachelor of Arts in Public Relations Program

  • The requirements of the College of Communication Arts and Sciences for the Bachelor of Arts degree.
  • Prerequisites for the major (9 credits)
  • Core courses for the major (24 credits)
  • Cognate
    • The cognate consists of a set of courses that can be selected from one of the following thematic areas: business, fine arts, physical and biological sciences, social sciences, or an approved university minor administered outside of Public Relations.
  • Public Relations Field Experience
    • Each student must complete 250 hours of professional public relations internship or research experience under faculty supervision.

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