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We believe in the power of communication. We're not only the first College of Communication Arts and Sciences, we're also the best. Our faculty and students are leading the way in new areas of computational communication, neurocommunication and virtual reality. Our ranked programs are thriving with a mix of world-class faculty and talented students. So go ahead, explore what we're up to at ComArtSci and see where your story of communication overlaps with ours.

Academic Departments

ComArtSci students learn from top-tier faculty in state-of-the-art facilities, work on creative projects, help with research and gain the skills they need to find success in the real world. No matter what path you choose, our academic departments offer something for everyone.

Whether you want to create, plan, design, write copy, sell or manage advertising, MSU's Department of Advertising + Public Relation prepares students for exciting careers working for top agencies, corporations and non-profit organizations.

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Rooted in research and presentation, MSU's Department of Communication empowers students with leadership and persuasion skills for careers in health communication, sales, promotion, public relations, human resources, broadcasting, political campaigning and other areas that influence society every day.

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MSU's nationally recognized Communicative Sciences and Disorders Department prepares students to work as certified professionals and specialists in the field of communication disorders. CSD offers a multi-tiered program examining how humans physically communicate.

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Getting the story straight takes critical thinking, excellent writing and superb visual communication skills — all hallmarks of MSU’s School of Journalism students. Students to step out of the classroom and into a great job, telling stories through all types of media. They choose writing, editing, video, audio, photography, design, information graphics, animation, 3D, virtual reality and more—for successful and cutting-edge careers in publishing, digital media, radio and television, film and immersive media.

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The Media and Information Department at MSU challenges students to explore and create innovative ways to communicate - anytime, anywhere. Programs teach the skills students need to build successful careers in digital media, film production, radio and television, healthcare technologies, game design and development and media management. 

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An active learning community, Media Sandbox takes students across ComArtSci, mixes them together and puts them into real-world situations that test the abilities and skills they learn in the classroom. Students gain experience, grow personally and professionally, network and have a blast.

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