Media Innovation, Design and Entrepreneurship

Through translational research and technology development efforts, our faculty are working to understand the drivers of effective innovation and entrepreneurship. We are designing, developing and evaluating technologies and media as catalysts and accelerators of best practices in entrepreneurship and innovation. Consequences of innovation-induced media change are top of mind for our researchers, including development, controllability and the social & organizational innovations needed to harness the benefits of technological innovations. 

Centers and Labs

As the only public broadcaster granted an experimental ATSC 3.0 license by the FCC, researchers at MSU are exploring the future of TV. Teams at ComArtSci and WKAR and working together to study outcomes related to education and public media content.

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The Quello Center for Telecommunication Management and Law is focused on stimulating and informing debate on media, communication and information policy for our digital age.

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We are an active learning community within the College of Communication Arts and Sciences. We take students from different majors and disciplines, mix them together and put them into real-world situations that test the abilities and skills they learn in the classroom. Join us to gain experience, grow personally and professionally, network and have a blast.

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The Trifecta Initiative for Interdisciplinary Health Research fosters collaboration between the colleges of Engineering, Nursing, and Communication Arts and Sciences.

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The Center for Innovation and Research has been created through a formal partnership agreement between Sparrow Health System and Michigan State University. It will bring together potential innovators between MSU and Sparrow and support the formation of partnerships within and beyond the boundaries of our separate systems.

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THoused within MSU's International Studies and Programs unit, the Global Center for Food Systems Innovation addresses critical pressures on the world's food supply by creating, testing and enabling the scaling of solutions. GCFSI takes a multidisciplinary approach that encompasses the entire food system and considers major environmental, economic and social trends, as well as workforce development needs that will impact future food security. Launched in 2012, GCFSI is one of eight development labs established through the Higher Education Solutions Network of the United States Agency for International Development

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Area Goals

Design, develop and evaluate technologies and media as catalysts and accelerators of best practices in entrepreneurship and innovation

Development, controllability and consequences of innovation-induced media change

Work at the intersection of technological change and attendant institutional responses, e.g., regulation, policy, etc.