Esports at MSU

Esports — short for electronic sports — is a rapidly growing industry centered around organized professional or semi-professional competitive video game play. For Michigan State, it’s more than a game; it’s an opportunity to expand multiple aspects of academic life, student success, engagement and community building. Esports has cultivated an inclusive environment across campus and increased diversity of thought by prioritizing participation of all gender identities, cultures, and backgrounds.

For decades, we have been teaching students how to design games, everything from creation to consumption. Built on a legacy of strength in media, game design, and storytelling, our reputation has grown leaps and bounds, consistently ranking among the top schools for game design.

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Varsity Esports

Digital athletes at Michigan State University compete in tournaments at the collegiate level and regularly place among the top contenders. After all, Spartans play to win!

The Michigan State University Varsity Esports team currently competes in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, Rocket League and Valorant. 

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The MSU League of Legends Team after finishing top 8 at the 2022 Collegiate Championships

Video Game Clubs

The formation of a Spartan gaming community began with like-minded student groups and clubs. In 2016, students established MSU’s Esports Club Association with the intent to unify the different gaming clubs and build a larger community rooted in the enjoyment of video games. The community has since grown, through continued enthusiasm and with the support and nurturing of ComArtSci mentors, to more than a dozen clubs, representing 2,000+ students from majors across campus and diverse interests.

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