Bachelor of Arts in Communication

The B.A. in Communication program prepares you for the workplace, whether that workplace is in a for-profit corporation, a nonprofit, a government agency or an entrepreneurial start-up. With a strong training in communication research and presentation, you'll use your skills of persuasion and leadership to influence society and make noticeable, positive changes in the world around you.

What are the differences between the Major in Communication, and the Major in Communication Leadership and Strategy?

The Communication Leadership and Strategy B.A. is a targeted degree purposefully applying interpersonal, organizational, and mediated research in strategic communication contexts, while the Communication major is a general degree exploring a range of communication contexts and enabling students to develop multiple skills and abilities.


Communication majors have opportunities to develop knowledge and skills in seven areas:

Undergraduate Communication Association

The Undergraduate Communication Association is the defining voice of students pursuing communication studies within the College of Communication Arts and Sciences.

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