Graduate Certificate in Journalism

Both professionals and master's students in other disciplines desire to understand the processes of gathering, organizing, presenting and disseminating news and information in text, audio and visual forms across news media platforms.

In this 9-credit graduate journalism certificate program, you will learn the newest innovative media technology and understand the influence and effects of media in society. These skills and knowledge are basic to a professional or student in any career.

Topics covered in the program include:

  • JRN 800 (3 credits) Multimedia Writing and Reporting
  • JRN 815 (3 credits) Media, Society and Theory
  • JRN 821 (3 credits) Social Media, News and Information

If you are new to MSU, then you need to apply and enroll in these courses as a lifelong education student.


Questions about this concentration? Please reach out to:

Howard Bossen or Bruno Takahashi
Co-Directors of Journalism Graduate Studies, 517-363-4613, 517-432-2454