Policy and Governance

As new technologies emerge, and become rapidly part of everyday life, policy and regulatory initiatives are now at the forefront. At ComArtSci, we research the social and industry implications of communication and information technology with a focus on the governance of emerging media, information and communication. Within this area of study, we bring together researchers from across the college with expertise in communication, media, social media and gaming to identify the policy and regulatory choices and options affected by change in communication technologies, industries, and consumer choices.

Quello Center

The Quello Center is focused on research that stimulates and informs public debate on media, communication and information policy. Our research often challenges assumptions about the role of technology, policy and regulation for citizens, communities, and society in pursuit of optimizing the full benefits of advanced communications in the digital age. Quello. Current research addresses next-generation networks (5G, Internet of Things), network neutrality, digital inclusion, the opportunities of next-generation media, and data ethics.

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Leveraging Our Network

Policy and Governance is one of a number of thematic, collaborative research interest areas in ComArtSci. Although graduate students apply to one of the three doctoral areas or any masters areas in the college, they may become research collaborators in any of the interest areas. For example, students specializing in advertising, communication, and journalism participate in the Policy and Governance interest group.

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