Minor in Game Design and Development

The Minor in Game Design and Development complements the depth of knowledge students acquire in their majors with a multidisciplinary understanding of game design and development.

With this minor, you'll learn the foundations of game design, develop core competencies in your primary area of study and broaden your horizons through game design courses. As an interdisciplinary team member, you'll learn game design theories and principles, collaborate on the design and development of game projects and engage in active learning and authentic, situated creative problem-solving.

The minor is available as an elective to students in ComArtSci who are enrolled in the Bachelor of Arts Degree in Media and Information from ComArtSci, Bachelor of Science Degree in Computer Science, as well as the Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree in Studio Art. The minor is also open to other majors on a case-by-case basis, particularly those in the Honors College.

Eligibility and Applying

You must apply and get accepted into this program in order to complete the minor. The program application is online. Students accepted into the minor may begin the minor in the subsequent fall semester.

The advisor for the game design and development minor must approve the student’s program of study. Applications are due by the tenth week of the spring semester and depending on the number of students applying, oral interviews may be requested. Academic performance will also be considered.

Time Constraints

By applying to this minor, students are making a two year time commitment. It should be understood that the Game Design and Development Minor takes two full years (4 semesters) to complete.

Class Level

Students can apply once they are at junior standing, having earned at least 56 credits.

Minor Requirements


Have questions or need more information? Please visit GameDev.msu.edu or reach out to:

Advisor Contact
Chris Roberts

Program Coordinator Contact
Brian Winn
(517) 353-5497
253 Communication Arts & Sciences