Organizational Communication for Leadership Certificate

This certificate will help students expand their knowledge and skill sets as they relate communication change efforts, managing conflict, facilitating effective employee evaluations, motivating employees, and socializing new hires so they integrate into productive work teams. Graduates of the certification will be prepared to:

  1. Develop leadership skills for building consensus.
  2. Learn how to effectively manage conflict.
  3. Facilitate effective employee evaluations.
  4. Learn how to effectively build a team.
  5. Develop communication and leadership skills for implementing change efforts.
  6. Develop knowledge and facilitation skills for building a collaborative, entrepreneurial work climate.

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Course Lineup

CAS 833: Crisis Communication

This course provides skills and strategies to communicate crises experienced by organizations and institutions through optimal media formats. The course will provide the tools to manage effectively the use and the relationship with the media, which plays a crucial role in crisis situations as the vehicle to pass information to affected communities and people.  Students will learn using real-life case studies.

Offered Summer Session One [May-June]

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CAS 837: Catalyst Thinking in the C-Suite

This course will provide organizational leaders with cutting edge research so they can continue to meet the needs of their organizations in a fast-paced global environment.  A number of constructs like communication, collaboration, community, conflict, change and other ideas or constructs are central to creating change in organizations and are crucial skills to c-suite executives in organizations.

Offered Fall Semester

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CAS 838: Organizational Communication

This course introduces theories, contexts, and processes related to organizational communication issues, including employment interviewing, supervisor-employee communication, role and work group coordination, decision making, and unit climate. This course will also include an overview of research on organizational communication through time, and discuss coordination within and between organizational communication structures.

Offered Summer Session Two [July-August]

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Tuition & Financial Aid (Approx.*)

  • In-State Resident Graduate Tuition: $7,355.25 [$817.25 per credit hour x nine credits]
  • Out-of-State and International Graduate Tuition: $14,451.75  [$1,605.75 per credit hour x nine credits]

*For a detailed breakdown and the most updated version of tuition and cost-per-credit hour, visit the MSU CONTROLLER'S SITE.

The MSU StratCom graduate certificates are not eligible for federal or MSU aid, however, students may secure private loans and scholarships. Additionally, students are encouraged to check with their HR departments at work to see if any tuition assistance or aid is offered through their employment with the company. More information:

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