Concentration in Organizational Communication

The concentration in Organizational Communication is designed to give you the skills necessary for success in the workplace. This concentration will help you in interviewing, socialization to the workplace and the development and maintenance of group relations within organizations. Other skills include decision-making, negotiation, brainstorming, organizational culture and climate and implementing technological change facing today’s workers.

Top skills you'll get with a organizational communication concentration

  • Develop interview guides & schedules of questions in professional settings
  • Interview in employment and work-related information gathering sessions
  • Present and negotiate personal and work issues
  • Synthesize reports and present in written and public speaking formats
  • Form and run team meetings
  • Identify communication competencies associated with work roles
  • Generate feedback and directions for teams’ and organizations’ communication improvement

Organizational Communication Careers

  • Training and Development
  • Public Relations
  • Marketing Coordinator
  • Account Executive
  • Corporate Communication