Concentration in Intercultural Communication

Challenging and rewarding, the Intercultural Communication Concentration prepares students to succeed as global communicators in the highly interconnected world in which we live. The concentration explores practices, trends and difficulties that arise when people from different cultures try to communicate and understand one another –whether it be within Michigan or across the globe. Graduates will be positioned to move easily across cultures to work in international posts for multi-national companies or non-profits and lead diversity efforts for organizations.

Top skills you'll get with a intercultural communication concentration

  • Identify, challenge, and work with biases about others
  • Navigate culture shock use translators and interpreters in various settings
  • Engage in social influence across cultures
  • Navigate intercultural communication contexts
  • Build cultural competency
  • Work toward becoming proficient in a second language

Intercultural Communication Careers

  • Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Director
  • International Marketing Specialist
  • Diplomat or Foreign Service Officer
  • Intercultural or Diversity Trainer
  • International Non-profit Fundraising