CAS 832 Intro Lesson: "What’s in the Kitchen? Customer Insights"


If you were going to bake and decorate a wedding cake for your closest friend from scratch and you hadn’t spent much time in the kitchen, how would you begin? You probably wouldn’t get off the phone with them and pre-heat the oven. Chances are, you may look through your kitchen cabinets to see what’s in the cupboards, research best recipes, talk to friends who are successful bakers, and maybe even practice a few times before the big day. The same is true for us. Before we get started building out a strategic messaging brief for your client, we need to first pause to evaluate what you currently have and listen to your current audience as well as begin to learn how to tune into new audiences. This week our mind set is listen and assess. 



Read/Watch Robert Caldini’s “6 Principles of Persuasion” : 

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Assignment: “What’s your current message and what’s in the stable?” 

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