CAS 832: Strategic Message Development

Course Description

The effectiveness of corporate messages can be enhanced by careful, research-informed development. This course provides a model for designing effective marketing communication, along with detailed ideas about topics such as conducting effective stakeholder analysis, setting outcome parameters, designing messages and engaging your audience. The course takes an integrative approach in message design, which brings together critical thinking from marketing, psychology, communication and creative writing.

Learning Objectives

  • Create a demographic and psychographic profile of the target audience, along with specific features of the audience that will be important for message design.
  • Understand the complex relationships among various stakeholders.
  • Incorporate audience data and communication theory to design messages with greater effect.
  • Compose compelling messages that leverage strategies from persuasion, narrative and communication research.
  • Create messages that are appropriate for a variety of media and an understanding of how to use these different messages to enhance and complement each other.
  • Develop a taxonomy of persuasive appeal strategies and a knowledge of when to deploy each.
  • Analyze and identify trends in their market communication environment and implement their conclusions in their communication strategy.

Course Offering

  • Currently offered in summer session one and fall semester