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Declan McClintock

Ph.D. Student

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Declan McClintock (he/him/they/them) is a dual PhD student in the departments of Computer Science and Engineering (Primary) & Information and Media (Secondary). Declan’s research interests are on the design, development, and application of video games for educational purposes, typically referred to as educational games, serious games, or digital game based learning. Educational games have been shown to improve student engagement and learning outcomes regardless of student background, but they have yet to see widespread adoption. Declan aims to change this by pushing for the educational games being made and used in research applications to be made publicly available to educators. Declan’s PhD research focuses on the design, development, and application of a set of games to teach undergraduate students computer architecture concepts.

Declan has also been teaching in the Game Design and Development program at MSU every semester of his graduate studies as a teaching assistant and co-instructor for three of the classes core to the program, including the first and last classes of the Game Design and Development Minor, the #1 public university program in game design. Declan greatly enjoys being a part of his student’s success and is constantly seeking opportunities to grow as a teacher to improve his students’ outcomes. You can see more details on Declan’s work on his website or his full CV available here: Curriculum Vitae | declanmcclintock

Declan earned his bachelor’s degree in Computer Science with high honor along with a minor in Game Design and Development from Michigan State University (2018). Declan also holds certifications as a CyberAmbassador (2021) through the CyberAmbassador Program developed with support from the National Science Foundation, as a Graduate Research Mentor (2021) through training offered at MSU, and as a Serious Game Design Researcher (2020) through MSU’s serious games graduate certificate.

Related Work

  • Declan McClintock. 2022. All together now, using multiple frameworks to inform serious game design and development in International Conference on Meaningful Play.
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