Dustin Carnahan Ph.D.

Dustin Carnahan

Assistant Professor

  • Communication
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Dustin Carnahan is an assistant professor in the Department of Communication in the College of Communication Arts and Sciences. He received his Ph.D. in Political Science from Ohio State University. His research focuses on how citizens engage with the political information environment and how these practices influence their beliefs, attitudes, and behaviors.

Recently, Professor Carnahan has focused on how communication processes can contribute to the formation of misperceptions and the effectiveness of fact-checking messages in combatting misinformation. His work has been published in the Journal of Communication, Human Communication Research, Political Communication, Political Behavior, and The International Journal of Public Opinion Research.


Select recent publications:

Carnahan, D., Ulusoy, E., Barry, R., McGraw, J., Virtue, I. C., & Bergan, D. E. (2022). What should I believe? A conjoint analysis of the influence of message characteristics on belief in, perceive credibility of, and intent to share political posts. Journal of Communication. Available online at https://academic.oup.com/joc/advance-article-abstract/doi/10.1093/joc/jqac023/6646801.

Carnahan, D., & Bergan, D. E. (2022). Correcting the misinformed: The effectiveness of fact-checking messages in changing false beliefs. Political Communication, 39, 166-183.

Bergan D. E., Lacy, S., Carnahan, D., Stamm, M., & Krier, D. H. (2021). Reinforcement in the aggregate: Partisan newspaper circulation and the presidential vote, 1900-1928. Journalism Studies, 22, 1911-1929.

Ulusoy, E., Carnahan, D., Bergan, D. E., Ahn, S., Ma, S., Barry, R. C., & McGraw, J. (2021). Flooding the zone: How exposure to implausible falsehoods shapes subsequent belief judgments. International Journal of Public Opinion Research, 33, 856-872.

Bergan, D. E., Carnahan, D., Lajevardi, N., Medeiros, M., Reckhow, S., & Thorson, K. (2021). Promoting the youth vote: The role of information cues and social pressure. Political Behavior. Available online at https://doi.org/10.1007/s11109-021-09686-x.

Carnahan, D., Bergan, D. E., & Lee, S. (2021). Do corrective effects last? Results from a longitudinal experiment on beliefs toward immigration in the U.S. Political Behavior, 43, 1227-1246.

Research and Teaching

Research Interests:

Political communication, political behavior, misinformation, corrective messages, public opinion, selective exposure


Courses taught:

Communication Campaign Design and Analysis (COM 475)

Effects of Mass Communication (COM 275)

Misinformation and Fake News (COM 399/401)

Political Communication (COM 307)

Graduate Seminar in Political Communication (CAS 892)

Mediation and Moderation Analysis (CAS 892)


Research Centers and Labs:

Health and Risk Communication Center (affiliated faculty)

Institute for Public Policy and Social Research (affiliated faculty)


Contact Information

404 Wilson Rd, Room 480
Communication Arts and Sciences Building
Michigan State University
East Lansing, MI 48824