Amanda Allard

Amanda Allard

Ph.D. Candidate (ABD)

  • Communication


Amanda Allard is projected to graduate in the Spring of 2023 as an expert in interpersonal relationships and quantitative research methods. She completed her M.A. in communication studies at Michigan State University and received her B.A. in communication studies from Concordia University of Texas in the spring of 2018. Currently, she works alongside Dr. Monique Turner to continue advancing theory and research regarding gossip. Prior to her work with Dr. Turner, Amanda worked alongside Dr. Amanda Holmstrom to analyze how supportive messages impact relationships and individuals during transgressions. 

Research and Teaching

Utilizing statistical analyses and survey method designs, Amanda’s research agenda is twofold, including 1) examining how gossip affects interpersonal relationships across different contexts such as families, romantic relationships, friendships, and co-workers; and 2) investigating how gossip influences supportive interactions. Finally, Amanda is an instructor who has taught for over four years in an academic setting and has worked with students from a variety of disciplines. She is prepared to teach the following courses: Introduction to Quantitative Analyses, Communication Theory and Process, Interpersonal Communication, Human Communication, Business Communication, and Professional Development Courses. 

Recent Publications

Holmstrom, A. J., Shebib, S. J., Mazur, A. P., Mason, A. J., Zhang, L., Allard, A., & Boumis,
J.K. (2021). Self-conscious emotions and esteem support: The effectiveness of esteem support in alleviating state shame and guilt. Human Communication Research, 47 (2), 105-131,

Shebib, S. J., Holmstrom, A. J., Mason, A. J., Mazur, A. P., Zhang, L., & Allard, A. (2020).
Sex and gender differences in esteem support: Examining main and interaction effects. Communication Studies, 71, 167—186.

Holmstrom, A. J., Shebib, S. J., Boumis, J. K., Allard, A., Mason, A. J., & Lim, J. I. (2021).
Support gaps during the COVID-19 pandemic: Sex differences and effects on well-being. Journal of Social and Personal Relationships, 38(10), 2985-3009.

Contact Information

404 Wilson Rd, Room 459
Academic Twitter: @AmandaAllard15