Anya's Greencard World Premiere

The film is scheduled to premiere at 6 p.m. on Wednesday, November 8 in 145 ComArtSciRead more about the production.

Missing his usual study abroad to India this summer, Media and Information’s Amol Pavangadkar decided to bring Bollywood to Lansing. The senior teaching specialist brought together current students and recent graduates to write, capture, edit and produce Anya’s Green Card, a story about a young Indian woman who desperately wants a green card to the U.S.

About the film: When Bobby moves to India to work in a tech company, he experiences reverse brain-drain, accompanied by familiar characters who take on ulterior motives to his calm and naïve approach to the world. Two people in particular, the Jones, challenge Bobby who’s unwillingly tangled in their marriage with secret motives of his own brewing in this short comedy about how life, no matter where you’re from, is unwittingly human.