International Reporting

If you want to be a globe-trotting journalist, then international reporting is for you. Critical issues, global events, international crises and cultural storytelling are important news stories for everyone. That’s where you come in.

Learn from Pulitzer-Prize winners and other experts on acceptable standards of reporting, any limits on a free press, the relationship of some governments with news organizations and cultural sensitivity and ethics.

You might want to work for an international news organization or go oversees to report for U.S. news media. Knowing more than one language makes you especially attractive to employers.

The following courses focus on International, in addition to those in the core:

  • JRN 265 (3 credits) International Journalism and Media
  • JRN 365 (3 credits) International News and Regional Dynamics
  • JRN 465 (3 credits) International Reporting

Here are some additional courses to supplement this specialization:

  • JRN 365 International News and Regional Dynamics may be taken multiple times by a different region
  • JRN Study Abroad
  • JRN 492 (3 credits) special topics, if applicable

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