Concentration in Writing, Reporting and Editing

Good journalism means understanding your audience and how to put words together, whether it's for an investigative piece on local government or a script for a documentary. Understanding how to access information, organize data, seek out sources, write and edit for clarity all play a major role in your life, and at the end of the day, there's no doubt about it: writing skills are marketable. Everywhere.

How do we do it? Our class sizes are small because we're accredited, much smaller than a normal high school writing class, and our instructors are dedicated to routinely getting work back to students quickly so they can learn from their mistakes. It makes a difference.

Students would complete 12 credits for the Writing, Reporting and Editing, Concentration from the following options:

  • JRN 305 (3 credits) Editing
  • JRN 407 (3 credits) Advanced Reporting
  • JRN 432 (3 credits) Magazine, Feature & Freelance Writing

Complete three additional credits from the following course options:

  • JRN 420 (3 credits) Capital News Service (CNS)
  • JRN 472 (3 credits) Envir, Sci & Health Reporting:
  • JRN 492 (1-3 credits) Special Topics (e.g., Bias Busters: guides to cultural competence), if applicable and with advisor approval
  • JRN 486 (6 credits) British and Irish Mass Media Education Abroad

Questions about this focus area? Schedule an appointment with your advisor.