Concentration in Multicam Production

The Multicam Production Concentration focuses on media production using industry multi-camera approaches. Students will learn hands-on multicam techniques for broadcast television and related fields. This concentration emphasizes theory and execution of live directing and production of multicam broadcasts. Students will establish an understanding of production techniques for media distribution including traditional broadcast, mobile networks and web formats.

Students would complete 6 credits for the Multicam Production Concentration from the following options:

  • DS 242 (3 credits) Multicam Production I
  • DS 342 (3 credits) Multicam Production II

Complete 6 additional credits from the following course options, one of which must be DS 442A, DS 442B, or DS 442C:

  • DS 442A (3 credits) Multicam Production for Arts
  • DS 442B (3 credits) Multicam Production for Sports
  • DS 442C (3 credits) Multicam Production for News
  • THR 411 (3 credits) Stage Lighting Design
  • THR 416 (3 credits) Stage Sound Design

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