Three Key Principles to Level Up Your Communication, Values, and Leadership Skills with Paramount's Matty May

This winter, Matty May, vice president of convergent ad sales at Paramount, and an MSU alumni, sat down with Merri Jo Bales to share in a conversation about her best career coaching tips, the inside workings of advertising sales, and the importance of giving back to your community.

May is a proven sales manager with more than 25 years of national media sales experience. Aside from that, she is a certified life and leadership coach, and loyal mentor.

Her many concentrations include developing relationships, creating supportive team management styles, and problem solving to exceed revenue goals. You will see from this conversation that she is an exceptional communicator with a unique consultative sales style and strong team management skills.

During her visit back to campus she also guest lectured for the Advertising 413 class, where she shared with students her personal experience in the world of advertising sales, which began 30 years ago selling ads for the State News. 

The Three Key Principles

  1. Utilize Spartan alumni connections. One of the best parts about being part of a large university is that there are lots of people doing cool things – and you’re already connected to them in at least one way.

  2. Strong communication skills will get you far. That includes not only writing but listening and being an intuitive listener.

  3. Know your personal values and your companies’ values. If those two things align, you will be motivated to work hard and contribute. If they don’t align, it’s an easy sign that maybe your company or role is not a good culture fit.

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