Three Key Principles to Level Up In Your Career with Cadillac's Marcie Perez

This October, Marcie Perez, Associate Director of Media and Performance at Cadillac and ComArtSci alumna sat down with StratCom’s Program Director, Jason Archer for our monthly Level Up professional development series to talk all things work culture, cars and women in leadership positions.

Pérez has 20 years of automotive experience managing campaign strategies, creative development, digital execution and performance of offline and online marketing campaigns. In her role at General Motors, Perez leads, tests and implements innovative strategies to continuously drive brand awareness, efficiency and effectiveness for.

Since stepping into her role in May 2019, Perez has led strategic development for Cadillac consumer channel touchpoints in collaboration with GM’s global, US, regional and LMA markets. Her responsibilities include X-channel strategies and alignment to deliver personalized audience experiences throughout media, CRM, digital innovation experiences (.com/Cadillac Live), social media, experiential and branded entertainment.

Prior to joining Cadillac, Pérez spent nine years at Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA) managing Chrysler, Jeep and Alfa Romeo. Onsite at FCA, Pérez managed CRM, digital, social and T1 media and oversaw the launch of FCA’s Pacifica, Compass, Cherokee and Wrangler.

Pérez enjoys and has a passion for working, collaborating, and relationship building. She earned her bachelor’s degree in Mass Media Communications from Michigan State University in 2001.

The Three Key Principles

  1. More progress has been made in the last 3-5 years than the previous 100 years when it comes to automotive advancement. It’s importance to have a general understanding of all the nuance that goes into product or concept development in your industry, because from a marketing perspective you can then do more captivating storytelling for consumers.
  2. Treat every meeting like an interview. This is an important networking tip because you never know where your career or life will take you, or who could be sitting across from you in an interview down the road.
  3. Know what you want to do. If you see a job that looks interesting, or a company you want to be a part of, be bold enough to go after it and find people that do similar work. Being upfront and intentional about what you want with people will always put you at the top of the list for opportunities. 

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