'Teach me something I can use': How MSU StratCom provides professional results

By Michael Williams, MSU StratCom student

The first question that everyone seems to ask when I tell them that I am in the Strategic Communication Online Master's Program at MSU is: "What can you do with that degree?" The question does not come with criticism, but there seems to be an undertone that the applications of this program to the professional world are unclear. I am thrilled to bridge that understanding gap!

I began my quest for higher education with a singular goal: "Teach me something I can use." The MSU StratCom lessons have exceeded my expectations.

My work focuses on creating communication and visual pieces around public health initiatives. Through the course, CAS 832: Strategic Messaging, I learned practical tools of persuasion and communication that I was able to apply to my job in real-time. I became more aware and capable of analyzing my work from diverse perspectives. Now, in all my projects, I am determining who the audience is, what they want and what framework I can create to not only reach their minds by also their hearts.

Through Strategic Messaging, I learned a simple truth that has become my professional guiding principle: the way to create change is to tell a compelling story; a story that connects and ignites a world of possibilities for consumers.

No matter if you're selling a computer, a cleaning product or a political party, you are telling a story, presenting an idea and welcoming people into your world. While this is only one example, I find each week I can connect what I am learning in class to things going on in my day-to-day work.

The MSU StratCom program is designed for working professionals. The program’s core concepts are instant tools for any communication professional’s toolkit. Even after one semester, MSU StratCom has provided me an immediate return on my educational investment, and I can’t wait to see that return grow as I work my way through the program! 

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