Musician to StratCom student to brand owner: Jason Spencer

Photo taken by Ray Rivard

After living the rockstar lifestyle for almost 10 years, releasing three full-length records, signing to a major label company, and touring the world, Jason Spencer’s career as a professional musician was coming to an end. “I loved the pursuit, but I was incredibly tired of the stressful off-stage environment, and what it was doing to my mind and body,” Jason said. 

 One day, Jason was looking on Facebook and saw a post from a friend that provided a link to a student story about their experience in the MSU StratCom Program. “After reading each line, seeing myself walking in similar footsteps, I was completely motivated again. I wanted to expand my communications, especially in branding,” he explained. “It became clear to me that my branding experience in music was a great steppingstone into the bigger world of branding and communications.”

 While still on tour Jason decided to earn his Master’s in Strategic Communication. “I was still touring the majority of the program and there were many opportunities where building the brand of the band was crucial. I learned and applied so many proactive and positive communication tactics as well, which have carried on into other endeavors.”

 One of those endeavors is Jason’s new clothing brand fueled by choice. fueled by choice. was created in 2019 with the mission to fuel a community of aspiring, confident, like minded individuals who are empowered by the choices they make to fulfill their lives. “I realized all of us have a story to tell,” Jason explained. “We are empowered by the choices we make to fulfill our lives. At fueled by choice. we provide a stage for people to tell their story, and we believe it’s the individual story within us that can bring us closer together as a community.”

 “None of this would have been possible without the StratCom program,” Jason said. “The program helped me conceptualize everything and bring it to life. Once I understood the connection between a brand, a story, and a feeling things became clear to me. The execution of our brand story, imagery, attributes and so on came relatively easy to me. That’s largely in part to the StratCom program and how I was taught to apply these concepts in a full-circle fashion.”

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