Fifth Annual Give Green Day at ComArtSci Focuses on Student Emergency Fund

Support what you love at ComArtSci and make a difference for students

MSU’s fifth annual Give Green Day will take place on March 16, 2021, a departure from the tradition of past years, when the event has taken place in late fall. In 2021, ComArtSci is raising funds for the Student Emergency Fund.

Despite the new date, nothing else about the successful annual event has changed: it’s still a 24-hour campaign to engage Spartans and friends across the world in giving back to the causes they care about, all to support students at MSU and the College of Communication Arts and Sciences.

For Give Green Day 2021, the college has set a goal to raise $5,000 for the ComArtSci Student Emergency Fund. The purpose of the ComArtSci Student Emergency Fund is to answer a dire need, helping students with unexpected challenges and fees that impact the ability to focus on being a student. Any amount raised above and beyond the goal will ensure the emergency fund's availability for years to come.

Give to the Student Emergency Fund

Spartans work hard to earn their college degree, relying on a combination of student loans, savings and part-time jobs to afford higher education. When adversity strikes, like a global pandemic, they may not have the resources to weather the storm. Despite all the efforts made to ensure student academic success, sometimes situations arise which create a financial roadblock for student achievement. Small things, like funding the final two-credit course for graduation, make a huge difference.

ComArtSci is focused on providing students with that “little extra” they need to ensure their educational experience is seamless. This project will help to grow our fund that students can utilize when they encounter minor financial adversity. This fund provides support for those small but critical needs our students have such as textbooks, class credits, and unforeseen expenses that may create a barrier to academic success.Supporting students with the tools and resources they need to be successful can be life changing, ensuring a successful path to graduation.

The global pandemic has presented people across the world with unforeseen challenges. If you are not able to make a monetary gift, there are numerous ways to give of your time and talents to support students at ComArtSci, from mentoring to partnerships. Learn more.

In 2019, MSU raised more than $1.5 million on Give Green Day from more than 4,800 alumni, students and friends, many of them donating to MSU for the first time. The MSU Federal Credit Union stepped up to be a Give Green Day sponsor this year, providing matching funds that will be used in giving challenges throughout the day.

“MSUFCU is proud to partner with MSU during Give Green Day this year. We hope to encourage giving from others who will come alongside and invest in the programs, services and scholarships that support students in areas of greatest need and significant impact,” said April Clobes, president and CEO of MSUFCU.

Learn more at or follow the hashtag #GiveGreenDay.

By Melissa Priebe

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