All for One: Spartans Make Meaningful Connections in Midst of Pandemic

In challenging times, Spartans band together. As life changes during the novel coronavirus outbreak, Spartans are reaching out to support one another, share their unique perspectives and lend expertise where it's needed most.

Many from MSU's College of Communication Arts and Sciences are helping to form meaningful connections and making a difference in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic.

To compile the best resources we have available, we launched the 2019 Novel Coronavirus Webpage.

Teaching and Learning in Virtual Classes

Our faculty, staff and students are committed to the quality education offered at Michigan State University.

Find out how they are engaging and excelling in online classes.

Student Perspective: The Value of Online Courses at MSU

10 Perks of Moving to Online Courses During a pandemic

Support Students in Need: Give to the Student Emergency Fund

Making an Impact

Our faculty, staff and students at the College of Communication Arts and Sciences are contributing their expertise and research in the public health pandemic. 

Explore the ways ComArtSci is making an impact, to name a few.

MSU Researchers Release Free, Online Parenting Video Series

The Urgent Need to Move Schools Online

Using ComArtSci Computer Power to Understand COVID-19

The COVID-19 Infodemic: Combatting ‘Dangerous’ Misinformation on Social Media

MSU Senior Answers Call to Serve the COVID-19 Relief Effort with the Michigan National Guard

Sharing Perspectives

Our people at ComArtSci are contributing to the national discussion on the public health pandemic, working and learning remotely, and social distancing.

Explore their perspectives.

Great Lakes Echo: Coping with COVID-19

Why Some People Are Not Wearing Masks During the Coronavirus Crisis

professor hosts wkar series on covid-19

Maintaining Relationships While Social Distancing

More Research and Perspectives

Sending Messages of Support

Faculty, staff, students and others from ComArtSci and the community are offering words of support and encouragement. 

Stay Connected. Without community, We Lose Humanity

In Uncertain Times: Who Spartans Become

letter of support to international students

Dean Prabu David's Message to Students

Student VIEW: An Unprecedented Goodbye

Faculty Voice: My New Normal


This article was originally published in March 2020. It has been updated to reflect current news.