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The College of Communication Arts and Sciences has the ability to leverage the collective strength of four of its departments to provide a pervasive training in 21st century digital communication.  The online Graduate Certificate program, capitalizes our college's strengths in the use of new technology to engage learners around the world.

The marketplace has demand for sub-areas of expertise that would benefit working professionals wanting to upgrade their knowledge and skills. ComArtSci can now meet these needs through our Strategic Communication M.A. Certificate Program. We have created three, 9-credit certificates, providing a world-class professional development opportunity for individuals to enhance their communication skill set. 

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Get Leading More Effectively

Looking to add some skills to your leadership? Whether it's looking for promotion or to add some tools in your tool belt, this certificate is for you. Here are the three courses in this certificate:

  • Crisis Communication
  • Organizational Communication for Leadership
  • Catalyst Thinking in the C-Suite

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Go Digital

Want to get sharper in developing a marketing strategy as well as creating and measuring your growth? We've got you covered. Create a brand and connect it to the World. Here are the courses you can jump into:

  • Digital Content Creation, Curation and Promotion
  • Digital Media Strategies
  • Branding + Image Communication

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Numbers Don't Lie

Wondering how you can evaluate if your strategy is on track? Spend less and grow more? We can help. From the basics to building a marketing and purchasing plan and making sure you're telling the right story on social, this certificate is for you. Courses include:

  • Media Analytics
  • Audience Analytics
  • Social Media Storytelling

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