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Did you know the MSU StratCom Program offers different online certificates?

The marketplace has a high demand for sub-areas of expertise or certifications. These certificates benefit working professionals wanting to upgrade their knowledge and skill set. 

MSU's ComArtSci College can now meet these needs through our Strategic Communication M.A. Certificate Program. We offer three, 9-credit certificate options. This provides a world-class professional development opportunity for individuals to enhance their resume and expand their communication skills.

The best part is that the content of these are immediately applicable for your work, so there is no time wasted. If you're looking to transform your career, look no further!

*Certificates and all MSU StratCom courses are for MSU StratCom students only. To apply, visit our application page.

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Get Leading More Effectively

Drawing on lessons from CEOs and innovators who have disrupted and transformed their industries by asking the right questions, participants learn to create the conditions that stimulate productive inquiry and drive innovation. This certificate will develop a stronger leadership team, strengthening connectedness/collaboration, alignment, communication and leadership skills.  Graduates of the certification will be prepared to:

  1. Develop leadership skills for building consensus.
  2. Learn how to effectively manage conflict.
  3. Facilitate effective employee evaluations.
  4. Learn how to effectively build a team.
  5. Develop communication and leadership skills for implementing change efforts.
  6. Develop knowledge and facilitation skills for building a collaborative, entrepreneurial work climate.

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Go Digital

The Graduate Certificate in Digital Media is designed for working professionals seeking to expand and enhance their knowledge and skills in content creation, curation, branding communication and media strategies. The certificate program exposes students to the state of the art technology, application and communication theories.  Graduates of the certification will be prepared to:

  1. Expertly apply communication and design principles to content creation in a variety of contexts. 
  2. Students will also be able to successfully manage diverse content using content management systems and aggregation tools.
  3. Apply the latest digital innovations such asmobile, social media, location-based services and big data to marketing campaigns.c.
  4. Build a tool-kit of techniques for using digital analytics in campaign strategy and evaluationd.
  5. Synthesize practical skills related to digital strategy with a broader theoretical understanding of the media environment to engage in highly effective strategic planning.e.
  6. Identify, formulate and defend strategicbrand decisions, based on application of theories and concepts learned.

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Numbers Don't Lie

This certificate offers a high-level strategic view of media analytics: introducing basic concepts, processes and uses.  It explores the rise and characteristics of big data; consumer data acquisition, media consumption and response to advertising. Who benefits: leaders who want to scale analytics in their organizations, managers who want to build a culture of data-driven decision making and organizational leaders who want to drive workplace performance and improve business outcomes.  
Graduates of the certification will be prepared to:

  1. Understand what media analytics involve and how they are useful to professionals in journalism, advertising and public relations
  2. Be able to review, critique and understand what scholars and practitioners have said or written about media analytics
  3. Understand probability-based sampling, censuses and random assignment as statistical concepts that relate to media analytics.
  4. Identify the challenges brought by each unique social media platform
  5. Recognize the ways professional communicators are able to inform and engage the public via social media
  6. Learn how to control and strategically plan your social media presence
  7. Provide students with strategies and tactics for turning data into plain language to inform advertising, public relations and business decisions.
  8. Explore the process of translating data into advertising and public relations messages, and using data to compellingly and clearly report the results of advertising and public relations activities.

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