MSU StratCom Financial Aid


Program Financial Aid tuition and fees (approx.*)

Tuition for the degree programs in the MSU Strategic Communication Online M.A. are as follows:

  • Program
    • In-State Resident Graduate Tuition $26,010 [$867 per credit hour x 30 credits]
    • Out-of-State and International Graduate Tuition $51,105 [$1,703.50 per credit hour x 30 credits]
  • Certificates
    • In-State Resident Graduate Tuition: $7,803​​​​​​​ [$867 per credit hour x nine credits]
    • Out-of-State and International Graduate Tuition: $15,331.50  [$1,703.50 per credit hour x nine credits]

This does not include the application fee, books fees or any other course-related fees.**

*Subject to change. For a detailed breakdown and the most updated version of tuition and cost-per-credit hour, visit the MSU CONTROLLER'S SITE.

**Student fees may vary.

Scholarships and assistantships

At this time, MSU StratCom does not have any specific scholarships or assistantships tied to the program, however, the College of Communication Arts & Sciences and The Graduate School allow graduate students to apply for many of their scholarships. Both a general and a ComArtSci conditional scholarship application should be submitted in January on to be considered for the following academic year.

FAFSA, federal loans and other government aid

The Free Application for Federal Student Aid evaluates eligibility for federal student loans and other need-based aid such as scholarships, grants and loans. Most federal programs require students be half-time, which is 5-6 credits per semester. For the MSU StratCom program, that is two classes per semester. More information on the FAFSA and other government aid can be found at

Questions? Contact MSU's Financial Aid Office.

Financial Aid Office: 517-353-5940
Available 9:00 a.m. to 4:45 p.m. EST

Email Address:

Financing and payment options

Employer Tuition Assistance. Oftentimes, employers offer tuition assistance to their employees that covers all or a portion of costs associated with taking classes. Check with your employer to see what's available. 

Credit Card – Major credit cards accepted.

Private Education Loans – You may also choose to apply for a private education loan at a financial institution. More information can be found at

More information on MSU's billing and payment schedule can be found at

Educational assistance for MSU employees

If you are an MSU employee, you may be eligible for educational assistance. MSU's Educational Assistance program provides financial assistance for the professional development of employees in their current jobs and in the enhancement of competencies for career development and promotability at MSU. For more information, visit or contact Julie Rorick at or (517) 884-0177.


As a veteran or military-affiliated student, you are eligible for in-state tuition. More financial aid resources can be found at