Media and Communication Research and Policy Connections, Synergies and Opportunities

Room 184, College of Communication Arts and Sciences Building

Please join the Quello Center and the Department of Media and Information in room 184 for a college-wide panel on policy and media and communication research. The panel will discuss how policy is related to and involved in research activities across the College of Communication Arts and Sciences, and what kinds of synergies we can leverage across the college. We envision the discussion as an opportunity to bring together faculty and students with an interest in policy and governance, which we propose as an important focus area for the college.

Topics covered will include, but not be limited to:

  • How can we make sure policy issues get the attention they deserve in both research and teaching?
  • What is the difference between policy-relevant research and policy-research and why does it matter?
  • What is the role of communication arts and sciences in policy (relevant) research?
  • How can we create a thematic focus in the college to increase impact?
  • How can we improve our presence in policy (relevant) research across MSU?

The discussion will be kicked off by:

Moderated by: Johannes Bauer, Department of Media and Information

Followed by a general discussion. All faculty and graduate students are welcome and encouraged to attend.