Media Design

Where would we be without designers? For example, designers think about and produce how the words and visuals in a website appear together, how the pages of a magazine or newspaper look, or how the information in a flyer or poster is presented.

This is an important job because the design of a page or a website can look enticing and make people want to read the content on the page, or it can make readers want to leave a page quickly because they are frustrated by being confronted with confusing information.

Students interested in designing for the media are welcome to belong to the international student Society of News Design, housed in MSU’s School of Journalism.

The following courses focus on Media Design, in addition to those in the core:

  • JRN 345 (3 credits) Images and Messages
  • JRN 336 (3 credits) Designing for Media
  • JRN 436 (3 credits) Design for Web and Mobile Devices

Here are some additional courses to supplement this specialization:

  • JRN 338 (3 credits) Information Graphics
  • JRN 492 (3 credits) Special Topics, if applicable
  • Study Abroad Creative Journey Barcelona to Berlin

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