Pushing the Envelope with Preferred Public Relations

Communication major and PR minor Joanna Miller spent the summer in Las Vegas, NV with Preferred Public Relations. Twenty minutes from the strip, Preferred PR is a full service agency specializing in a mix of traditional and non-traditional PR. For almost 20 years, the agency has focused on media relations between their clients and the community of downtown Las Vegas.

“Preferred PR is known for pushing the PR envelop,” Miller said. “They offer a variety of services including public relations, social media, event support, strategy and media relations.”

While working directly under two CEOs, the president and PR specialists, Miller created social media content for various clients. Each post featured events and services that captured the attention of Vegas residents.

Getting Involved on Campus

The internship at Preferred PR would mark Miller’s fourth internship. She is not only an experienced intern, but heavily involved in student organizations on campus. Miller credits her success with Preferred PR to her experience with MSU’s Hubbell Connections. The MSU student-run PR firm provides media strategy, media relations and social media with local clients.

“Working for Hubbell Connections, we work with client requests and deadlines,” Miller said. “Being familiar with the agency process gave me a leg up and really prepared me for this summer.”

Miller not only stresses getting involved on campus and networking, but advises other students to share their ideas. Do not be afraid to put yourself out there even with the possibility of being shut down.

“Companies are always looking at what you can bring to help improve their business,” Miller stated. “The worst that can happen is they say no, but speaking up and presenting your ideas will go a long way to your employer.”

Las Vegas Spartans

Many students fear relocating for the first time and being in a city where they don’t know anyone. Miller’s biggest challenge was building a network in her new environment.

“I only knew a few people out there,” Miller said. “I knew if I wanted to come back after graduation, I really needed to put myself out there.”

Miller overcame her challenge by connecting with the Las Vegas Spartans, the MSU alumni group in the area.

Miller plans to move to Vegas permanently after graduation in May to further her PR career in an agency or corporate setting. Miller believes she will find the right place for her because of the connections she has made and the opportunities she has gained as a Spartan.

By Brooke Segal