MSU Minor in Sales Leadership Leads Advertising Student to Sales Apprenticeship with ADP

While working at ADP in Woodland Hills, California this past summer, communication and sales senior Katherine Harvey learned how to break down barriers and overcome challenges during her sales apprenticeship.

ADP is a company that supplies payroll and HR services. Harvey worked in the small business division and said she got to experience working with many different clients everyday.

"It was really cool, because I got a different perspective during my apprenticeship," Harvey said. "I already felt like I was in the workforce, which was intimidating at first, but then it became a challenge and a lot of fun."

Harvey said she was pushed outside of her comfort zone during the apprenticeship, including creating goals she wanted to meet each day. Her responsibilities included calling clients and providing a plan for them to increase their business.

"I enjoyed going into work everyday," Harvey said. "I felt like I was a part of the community there."

The MSU Minor in Sales Leadership was a big reason why Harvey felt she was successful during her apprenticeship. She explained that the program taught her how to overcome obstacles, how to best work with other people and gave her the tools to overcome any obstacles she may face in the future.

"The sales minor and apprenticeship taught me how to better serve people and meet their needs and how to break down barriers with clients when I was working with issues, such as lost accounts," Harvey said. "Not everyone is going to be friendly, but how I learned to deal with these barriers has made me a stronger saleswoman."

Harvey first found out about ADP from the individual sales competition through the MSU Minor in Sales Leadership. Harvey sold ADP products and saw how these products could help people run a small business. She knew she liked warm weather and took a step out of her comfort zone by seeking out a position through ADP in California.

"Being willing to go somewhere new is hard, but taking that leap of faith was definitely worth it and I met some amazing people in the process," Harvey said.

Harvey said it was great seeing her work have an impact on the clients' businesses. ADP's services would make small businesses run smoother and Harvey got to work with many industries and professions, such as the film industry, writing and producing.

"I worked on things I had never been exposed to before, which was a fun part of the job," Harvey said. "It's definitely not always easy, but worth it in the end."

As for advice, Harvey recommends not only understanding the business side of things, but also building friendships with clients and colleagues along the way. She said when she was confident in herself and stepped out of her comfort zone, that's when she felt the most growth occurred.

"In the workplace, I was always willing to say 'yes'," Harvey said. "Be present and be willing in all that you do. The more you are willing to step up and take the initiative, the more you are going to be recognized."

Harvey said the Minor in Sales Leadership has been the best experience for her at MSU. She said it expects a lot out of you, but the benefits are worth it.

"I've gained real-life business experience, but it's much more than just that," Harvey said. "The program teaches you how to be ethical, but also kind in the workplace, which is hard to teach. Jennifer Rumler has given me so much advice and opportunity from the program."