Media Sandbox Creative Summer Courses Open to All

This summer, Media Sandbox classes are open to everyone, regardless of major or whether you attend MSU. Normally exclusive to ComArtSci students, this opportunity gives people from all backgrounds the ability to learn creative skills for the Information Age. With an emphasis on creativity, these classes are a unique way to inject some "bliss" into your summer. 

"If you want to get out of your usual summer courses, these classes are perfect – they are fun and interactive," said Jeana-Dee Allen, Media Sandbox project manager. "From creating creative infographics to zany projects, this is your place to be." 

Creativity in the Classroom 

These classes, offered both online and in-person, are part of Media Sandbox's creative curriculum. Open to everyone over the summer, it gives students the chance to explore different innovative routes. For more ambitious and competitive students, six digital Media Sandbox badges can be earned to display proficiency in a skill set: 

  • The Illustrator-Animator
  • The Filmmaker
  • The Web Designer
  • The Gamemaker
  • The Graphic Designer
  • The Creative

According to Media Sandbox Director Karl Gude, a badge indicates that a student has earned a beginner's level skill-set in that area and details the specifics of what they learned. Although they don't show up on your official transcript, they can be used on resumes and portfolios to show the work you've done. 

"I've always told any student, 'If you're good at something you should get some certification in it,'" said Allen. "If you're interested in, for example, web design and you're a business student, you can take this class and say 'I created this website through this course, I got this much training and this is what I created.'"

Inclusive to All

Non-MSU students and lifelong learners can take Sandbox courses as a guest or non-degree student when they fill out and submit a Lifelong Application, a one-page application that does not require an essay or official transcript. 

38-year-old lifelong learner Patrick Farr enjoyed how his CAS 110, Intro to Creativity, class last summer helped him at his current job as a Billing Operations Manager at AT&T.

"Critical thinking is such a lost art and I am excited about the things I learned in this class," said Farr. "In today's corporate world, everything seems so predictable, and I have come to realize that you can't grow as a person or as a company without thinking outside the box." 

By Sierra Richards

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