J-School Professor Rachel Mourão, Ph.D. earns teaching award

J-School Professor Rachel Mourão, Ph.D. was honored by AEJMC.

J-School Professor Rachel Mourão, Ph.D. earned a second-place award in the International Communication Division / AEJMC 2020 Teaching Contest.

The work Mourao was recognized for came out of a partnership between the J-School and the U.S. Embassy and Consulates in Brazil. According to Mourao’s Infogram page, the Michigan-Brazil Multimedia program is a grant-funded online and hands-on workshop designed to strengthen Brazil’s media and technical capabilities on all stages of producing news via broadcast and digital reporting. Mourão, along with J-School professors Judy Walgren, Bob Gould and Mike Castellucci, conducted a workshop in Brazil in the summer of 2019. 

The award was given for its innovation, contribution to international communication, connection with learning objectives, and impact and learning outcomes.

Read more about the program here

Mourao will be honored at the upcoming virtual AEJMC conference.