42pointSEVEN: Who We Are

Explorers.           Idea people.           Problem solvers.           Collaborators.

42pointSEVEN is a student-run, faculty-guided integrated marketing communications agency helping organizations make meaningful connections through strategic conviction, creative vision, and purposeful solutions.

The agency is a commercial entity at Michigan State University, serving as a bridge between the classroom and career for student practitioners. 42P7 is the only student-run, faculty-guided integrated marketing communications agency in the Big Ten Academic Alliance.

We are motivated by strategic conviction and intentionality. We drive the creative vision, the design, the writing, the video production, the content calendars, event planning, project management, and managing client relationships. We are guided by dedicated faculty with a combined 45+ years of experience in advertising, marketing, public relations, and communications. Our faculty guides us through the challenges we face with clients to support our learning along the way.

42P7 was built to connect the strongest students to organizations who want to generate meaningful connections through their marketing efforts.

We are grateful for the support of Tony Hopp and Don Schultz. Their initial funding built the foundation of 42P7 giving students the opportunity to gain valuable experience to start their careers.