42pointSEVEN: How We Think

We think differently to solve communications challenges.
We are unafraid to ask questions.
We are open to new challenges.
We embrace diversity of thought and experiences to discover solutions.

Our solutions drive action. And our solutions are tailored to the need of our clients.

Three Pillars Guide Our Work




It all starts with meaningful insights. We use relevant information and data about your target audience to generate meaningful insights, informing communications strategies and marketing tactics. 

Armed with meaningful insights, our creative team brings alive their informed creative visions through a variety of mediums like writing, design, and video. 

We focus on using an informed creative vision to provide purposeful solutions to our client’s marketing and communications challenges. These solutions vary depending on the client’s needs, but all are strategic solutions to modern problems.  

Seven Principles Direct Our Team

Our student practitioners are trained to weigh seven principles when considering a recommended solution for our clients.




The work we do for clients is based on solutions we believe in. Honest information and insight flow between members and clients without restriction. Integrity drives quality & meaningful work, sustainable client relationships, and progressive internal culture. Without integrity, the following principles become merely suggestions.

Not only is 42P7 dedicated to having members from diverse backgrounds, races, genders, and perspectives, we also believe in the diversity of ideas. Each student practitioner's point of view adds a critical component to 42P7’s identity. We utilize these different experiences and backgrounds to build our agency foundation. This promotes sound strategy, a powerful, creative, and rich internal culture.

42P7 strives for a straight-forward organizational structure that delegates tasks and activities efficiently.

Tasks carried out within 42P7 are congruent with clear goals.

Each part of 42P7 is equally necessary in the creation of value for clients and student practitioners alike. Therefore, each must be given adequate support and attention to ensure long-term success.

The world is a vast and evolving landscape for culture and business. 42P7’s thinking, work development and business approach must remain flexible to provide the best work for our clients.

Each student practitioner of the team is responsible for their actions to uphold the purpose of the agency, achieve its goals, and create the best work for our clients.