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Dan  Hiaeshutter-Rice

Assistant Professor

  • Advertising + Public Relations


Dan Hiaeshutter-Rice is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Advertising + Public Relations. He is the director of the Advertising Analytics program. He received his PhD from the University of Michigan's Department of Communication and Media. While at Michigan, he was affiliated with the Center for Political Studies at the Institute for Social Research. He also holds a Master of Public Policy degree from the Gerald R. Ford School for Public Policy at The University of Michigan and is a Michigan State University alum.


Personal website: https://www.dhrice.org/




Dr. Hiaeshutter-Rice is the director of the Advertising Analytics program in the ADPR department. He is also a faculty affiliate at the Health Risk Communication Center.

Research and Teaching

Dr. Hiaeshutter-Rice's research explores how variations in technology and affordances shapes political campaign communications. He primarily works in the United States political context and uses large-scale data collection and computational research methods to inform typologies of communication platforms. In addition to his primary research field, Dr. Hiaeshutter-Rice also studies systematic biases in information environments by looking at how algorithms and user behavior influences content. In addition, he examines how lifestyle cues influence political evaluations. In addition, Dr. Hiaeshutter-Rice also works with environmental science communication messaging and studies how platforms, content, and credibility play a role in message reception and effectiveness.

Dr. Hiaeshutter-Rice primarily uses computation research methods in addition to survey and experimental work. His work often deals with content analysis, notably at large-scale.

Thematic Research Areas

Computational Communication
Political Communication and Civic Engagement
Media Psychology

Research Centers and Labs

Health and Risk Communication Center

Related Work

Recent Publications
  • Hiaeshutter-Rice, D., Soroka, S., & Wlezien, C. (2019). Freedom of the Press and Public Responsiveness. Perspectives on Politics, 1-13.
  • Lane, D. S., Das, V., & Hiaeshutter-Rice, D. (2019). Civic laboratories: youth political expression in anonymous, ephemeral, geo-bounded social media. Information, Communication & Society, 22(14), 2171-2186.
  • Soroka, S., Daku, M., Hiaeshutter-Rice, D., Guggenheim, L., & Pasek, J. (2018). Negativity and positivity biases in economic news coverage: Traditional versus social media. Communication Research, 45(7), 1078-1098.


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