Brenda Cucci

Brenda Cucci

Alumni Board Member


Brenda Cucci leads IBM’s Global go to market strategy for Sustainability, ESG and Responsible Business. 

Brenda has been in the technology space for over 20 years including HP, Cisco, Xerox, Unisys, Accenture and now IBM.  Her roles at these companies have stretched all aspects of business.  From engineer and product development to financial operations and contract negotiations to sales and leadership. 

In her current role Senior Managing Partner at IBM, Brenda will be working with each part of IBM’s business as we help our clients incorporate Sustainable practices into each area of their business.  This includes how their business impacts the well-being of our planet via carbon release, water waste, supply chain inefficiencies.  The focus also looks to impact the social aspects of our client’s business whether it be a focus on a more diverse work environment, better products and services for their customers or for the community and society at large.   The expansive focus continues with Governance of their business and how they comply with local, state and federal mandates and how their executive teams and boards run the business.   At Accenture, Brenda worked with C-level leadership across the corporate spectrum to develop executable plans in the end to end sustainability and responsible business environments including both short and long-term goals.  This included guiding clients on specific net zero carbon activities, incorporating responsible supply chains, introducing ways for infrastructures to become more sustainable “green” infrastructures, developing ESG reporting platforms that incorporates all data necessary for executives to measure and report company status to financial and governmental institutions. 

Brenda will continue to focus on working with executives to expand and develop their company brand with respect to sustainable actions that are completed or underway that resonate with investors, customers, and employees.  That will include continuing to work with leaders to assess their organizational structure to ensure they are hiring and training the right leaders to institute a truly responsible business environment.  Another area Brenda is passionate about is how corporations can use their voice to help educate their employees on actions they can take to be more sustainably focused on a day to day basis 

Brenda is an avid sports fanatic and has played and coached basketball, soccer and volleyball.  She has an BA and MA from MSU; her husband has an MA and her daughter is a proud graduate of the MSU Broad Business school in Supply Chain.  Their youngest is a volleyball player at Lake Forest College in Illinois and is as big a Spartan fan as them all! Together they have 5 children and soon to be 5 grandchildren.  They are long term football season ticket holders and attend every MSU sport they can.  Brenda and her husband are part of a program called Safe Families which provides food, shelter and love to children who are in need.  Brenda currently splits her time between Wrigleyville in Chicago and Pentwater, MI but will soon be giving up the city life and moving to Sarasota Florida for the winter months. 

Senior Managing Partner IBM, Global Sustainability  
B.A. 1988 Telecommunication; MA 1995 Telecommunication

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