Anastasia Kononova

Anastasia Kononova

Assistant Professor

  • Advertising + Public Relations
(517) 355-3858


Anastasia Kononova studies media multitasking behaviors and effects in persuasive communication. She explores multitasking as a media use habit and as a process of dividing attention between a persuasive message and the context in which it is presented. Anastasia takes interdisciplinary and international approaches to study the phenomenon and effects of media multitasking. Before joining the Department of Advertising and Public Relations at Michigan State University, Anastasia worked as an assistant professor of communication and media at the American University of Kuwait. She earned a doctoral degree at the University of Missouri’s School of Journalism and a master’s degree at Oklahoma State University. Before graduate school, Anastasia studied in Rostov State University (Southern Federal University since 2006) in Russia, where she also worked as a corporate communication specialist.

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