Health and Risk Communication Center

We are a collection of over 50 faculty members who engage in communication-based education, outreach, and research related to risk reduction and health promotion. We engage trans-disciplinary communication research and activities that promote healthy lifestyle choices, address environmental risk factors, and maintain food security.

Our Objectives

The HRCC Center team includes experts in the areas of health and risk communication, environmental and science communication, mass media, new technology, interpersonal communication, family communication, and intercultural communication. Our team uses message production, statistical methods, focus groups, and surveys to study topics related to a wide variety of topical areas ranging from obesity to water conservation. Our team is able to provide specialized knowledge and expertise on all aspects of the communication process and we offer specialized services that can be applied to any health or risk issue.

The primary objectives of the HRCC are:

  • To apply theory-driven communication expertise across all phases of the public communication campaign process, including formative research, message design, message dissemination, and summative evaluation.
  • To ensure that health and risk messages are culturally sensitive and appropriate to audience health literacy levels.
  • To facilitate the development and conduct of grant projects in the health and risk communication domains and to bring our expertise to interdisciplinary grant teams.
  • To provide consultation to organizations seeking to create and disseminate health and risk messages to audiences.
  • To create interdisciplinary ties with faculty at MSU and other institutions to facilitate research, teaching, and mentoring of students in health communication-related areas.
  • To provide evidence-based recommendations from HRCC team projects to practitioners and consumers.

Master of Arts in Health Risk Communication

The Health and Risk Communication M.A. program is designed to educate students in both the theory and practice of health communication. Specifically, students learn to design, write, implement and evaluate evidence-based health communication materials to prevent and address health problems in our society.

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Contact Us

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